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Check Out Tiger’s Package

Tigers Big Penis

Tigers Big Penis Has Captured the World

yeah that’s right.  no one gives a fuck about who wins the Masters.  they are checking out the size of Tiger’s package.  women are looking at the rounded gluteous maximus that propels the big thigh muscles necessary to control that big “iron” between his legs.  he can control that thing like he controls his clubs, people look at his lips and envision a cock or pussy having contact with, you see him at all and all you can think about is how many ways he let’s his imagination play out in reality and we are jealous.  the rich and powerful can make their biological fantasies come true.  it is power that does not understand constitutions, laws.   when  do you think you are above the law and more importantly why do people believe they are above the law?  they disrespect the law because there are too many restricting elements.  its like it goes against the basic constitution, when  you revert back to the constitution without all the exceptions and drama law prevails and people will use it.

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How to Cock Block Bad Publicity a la Tiger Woods

Wow perhaps this is one of the most genius PR moves in decades. Leave it to the Billion Dollar Enterprise[ of Tiger Woods to strategically deflect horrible, everlasting bad publicity and the demise of a career by allowing the free flow of information but only about certain topics.Tiger Woods In other words the 14 or so women Tiger had sex with while married were paid off to keep mum on every subject except the size of his penis. All of them were allowed to speak about the almost gargantuan size of his penis and the fact that he was a sensual, romantic lover. Again – Wow… Here’s a man who fucked 14 women (not 1 night stands but actually repeat sex relationships) during the 4 years or so he was married. Does anyone calculate how much sex that is? This man has to be one of the most prolific sexual hunters of all time. He is as good at keeping a harem of women happy as he is talented as a golfer. This man is the envy of every man and the desire of every woman. He is a legend in more ways than one. Will he come out unscathed – absolutely. If he plays it right. With his wife coming back even she realizes how special he is. Even she has to admire how he can keep so many women very happy. Let’s face it he probably keeps her happy and makes her feel good about herself. Women would never speak so highly of Tiger unless (in addition to his big penis & being paid to say so…) unless he had a very emotional connection with them as well. That’s why people love Tiger. Sponsors don’t bail on Tiger we love him. We all want someone to make us feel special. Obviously Tiger does that. I’m totally okay with Tiger and support him.

Wait now I’m changing thought. As amazing as Tiger is if, I’m his wife and I married him, have children, etc. I would expect that he would be faithful and love me. On the other hand I would also be married to him because of the power and perks associated with his success. The understanding that he may occasionally fuck women but would always come home would be understood. What probably freaked her out for her was to hear that these women thought he was such an amazing lover. Once you cross the intimacy line it becomes a ding to the heart. It’s hard to love anyone that dings hearts. You know you will never be the only one and have to share. Very few people are secure enough in their own self to accept a smaller portion of anothers love. You want someone to be totally committed to you. That’s why we are fascinated by Big Love.

big love hbo

polygamy is the new black

Even National Geographic did a cover on it..Hmmm. well maybe we need to realize that these non-traditional families are almost the majority have to be considered as you pass laws. We have to allow nontraditional marriage. Why are the Mormons fighting non-traditional marriage when they should jump on board with gay marriage. Can you imagine an America with Polygamy. I can. I’m as accepting of that and understanding as I am about my desire to have Gay marriage legal. Why are we not of the same philosophy about marriage? They want multiple wives and we want same sex wives/husbands. Freedom to legally connect to another human being shouldn’t be discriminating.

What I’m disgusted about is how John Edwards and now this basketball player are using the “Big Penis Strategy” “BPS” to Cock Block the media. How pathetic. Women will become the power in the 21st century. That will be the most dynamic shift in the history of man. Part of the reason for this happening is because of man. Take for instance the Chinese and their obsession with having a son. They killed off girls and limited the number of children you could have. Now they are plagued with an over abundance of boys and no girls. Girls will have more power . Nature always has more females than males – it’s true for animals and plants. Women provide the diversity of eggs. I think if we took a closer look at eggs versus sperm we would see that egg chromosomes have more diversity than sperm. Therefore it is biologically advantageous to have similar sperm connect with varied eggs. what in the female body and being manifests different eggs , what is it that allows egg cells to be influenced – thought energy that you are feeling. If you think enough about certain things they will happen.

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