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San Diego – The #1 Place to Best Place to Live in America

Okay so we’ve all seen the report.  According the the Harris Survey the #1 best place to live in America is New York.  the #2 best is San Diego.  The #1 worst place to live is New York and the #2 worst place to live is Detroit.  Let’s take a look at that.  New York is the #1 best and #1 worst at the same time.  Sorry but those two negate each other totally.   New York must still be the place of giant overpaid execs (with what money now? – where does it come from now – the same thing as before – the taxpayers!) Big dollars flowing at giant proportions to the next criminals.  The money is flowing so fast that there will be another major blood letting of foreclosures, business failures, local government bankruptcies.

The conclusion of all this is that San Diego is the #1 best place to live.  We need a campaign to prove we are #1.  We want to object to New York being #1.  You New Yorkers need a Marijuana Weekend Retreat.  You Fly here on a Friday – you receive Medical Marijuana in the most luxurious premium Cannabis Herbal kinda way with organic eating, physically luxuriating baths and massages, or in the desert cowboy hippie experiential way.

San Diego brands itself as an equal foursome.  Cowboy| Hippie | Nerd | Surfer Dude.  We challenge NY and encourage people to travel between the two cities and experience the local life.  We in San Diego will serve up the most primo weed in the world in laid back chill cafe’s that keep you connected to the local growers, artists and musicians.  Actually if I owned 7-11’s I have abtotal idea on how to rebrand them and make them the physical communication hub of the community . we are still going to need a central human connection point for validation and exchange of opinions of ideas with the human truth factor (seen and felt in person) .

Commercial Real Estate Space is all about shared retail space.


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Does a thought leave a carbon footprint?

Oh yeah so a bowl full of Green Crack later I’m enjoying the twitter prose of @dannydanko and realizing how much I miss the power of the word and especially the written word. Authors full of notepads with page after page of voracious outpourings of words from their brains. Or sometimes the empty notebooks longing for some covering ink to hide the pain of a glaring exposed blank page.


Our Laws Need To Be Written On Something Permanent

Then came the thought about laws and how they’re recorded. Most of the history of civilizations we have learned the most about had it written in stone. Yes, literally stone. Even after global warmings and shifts in nature we can uncover hidden civilizations and their history because they left their story. Then in the dark ages and the iron age ( i never could figure out the iron age in history) we didn’t record their history by the written word. We recorded it by the weapons/tools they created because they were illiterates and didn’t record things in stone and paper was not a respected record. They lived in the moment because life was hard and all you thought about was survival. Not like in Egyptian times where people had more time to think. The amount of thinking time versus survival time in a culture is in proportion to it’s success and longevity.

Religion seems to surpass the need for something to be written but then you rely on the word of followers who give their own spin. the only thing that doesn’t require recording is the real truth of the universe. Once you have an understanding of what this is you require no physical proof. Understanding which is intangible is realized.

Very few people are enlightened and therefore you need a society with laws. Recently (300 years or so, actually much longer) we have been writing laws on paper. For the most part paper is a very week physical representation for societal laws but it’s been working, animal skins lasted slightly longer. What happens now when paper is no longer used? I want to know that important parts of civilization are permantly recorded and can be instantly accessed. Like human DNA which tells a great biologic history. I want to know about human events and life. It could all be gone because none of it is put on permanent chips or something. Actually the answer lies deep with us. there is a tiny micro atom (name not discovered yet) that houses all information about the universe past and present material and (wait a minute, does a thought leave a carbon footprint?). This is the same energy unit that the Bhagavad gita talked about. This micro atom is indestructible and enters a life form for a period of time. The human body on earth is ore of a delight because they are a bit closer to who they are but still not even close. They do inhabit most life forms to some degree they are like worker ants to the queen bee. they inhabit life forces to send back information to the main intelligence which is actually nonexistent and cycles back to the inhabitants. That’s why the universe is limitless. It’s like a fat person. the body will keep building an an infrastructure to house the bigger body and the support systems necessary to support it. in the natural world certain bodily functions give out, in the universal world they can’t they are too smart and too powerful.

Anyway i want to talk to and meet the unbelievable writers of today. i want to meet you in a medical marijuana collective where we are free. That’s kinda why i don’t want marijuana legalized, i like the “very few restrictions” it has now. Its like it left up to the locals to duke it out on a local level without big government interfering. The problem is it doesn’t have much money behind it at a local level, you don’t have cool dispensaries with a cool clientele that is proud to be a member, everything has to be kept too hush hush and it doesn’t allow for social aggregating and communing ideas, art, poetry, writing. Can you imagine cannabis bars like in amsterdam along adams ave. in san diego – totally cool as hell. that’s how older cities like brooklyn and detroit and buffalo will rebound. allow the consumption of cannabis, grow the greatest strains and lure the artists. make it cool to live there because of the freedom of expression.. it’s the 60’s all over but this time the 1Numbers are armed with the wisdom and knowledge of those 60′ folks the baby boomers. they totally connect to the baby boomers. the twenty somethings are an awesome generation of free thinkers who are restudying the cores of the american constitution. they’ve seen more immigrants than back in the late 18oo’s early 1900’s think about that.

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