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Howard Stern and Robin Will Go Their Separate Ways

Howard Stern

Howard Stern, 30+ Years of Foreplay With Robin

Robin Quivers

Robin's kept Howard Sexually Charged for 30+ Years

I’ve been listening to Howard Stern since I was very young in New York.  I have grown up with him and other than the year or so between terrestrial radio and satellite, have listened for hours and hours and grown up with him.  His sidekick Robin has been by his side.  To listen to them is to watch awkward teenage  love .  It’s that unspoken crush each other has for each other, it’s a deep kindred friendship with the undertow of sexual flirtation and the high of bantering with the other person. It’s a special place where time is forgotten and it’s a mental and physical high.  Better though than any drug can make you feel.

It’s been interesting since Artie has been gone.   Howard is realizing that Robin may have to move on.  He’s afraid to lose her and those 5 hours a day he can feel good.  In some ways Howard is that teenage  boy that realizes his gawky teenage girl-friend has developed into a beautiful woman and he has to let her go.  Let her become her full potential.  He can’t keep her all to himself.  It’s a very special year because I think this will be their last.  Fred, Gary and the gang are like the other awkward teenagers basking in the relationship of Howard, the awkward teenage boy and Robin the blossoming teenage girl.  Once she leaves they all realize they’ll be back to the “old” group.  Things will never be the same.  Everyone will go their separate ways.

Usually relationships like this get ruined by the two people having sex.  In this case the fact that they haven’t and they’ve been engaging in over 30 years of foreplay with no orgasm has been what’s sustained the show.


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Want to Pleasure a Woman? Give her a Hand Job.

Hand Job Painting

Hand Job Painting

Okay here’s another major wake up call.  Women like hand jobs! Yes that’s right.  In fact a good hand job far exceeds oral (which almost always is done poorly) and “penetration only” encounters.  Give me a man or woman who knows how to use her or his hands and you’ll send me right to heaven.  Combine that with a couple of the other things mentioned earlier and that’s going to be a very satisfied woman.

People make such a big deal about orally pleasuring a woman that they completely forget about what makes a woman feel good and will bring her to orgasm.  Oral rarely brings a woman to orgasm but a decent hand job dramatically increases the chances that she will reach orgasm.  Oral is not all that much fun for woman unless she knows the man deeply enjoys doing this.  Most times a man is doing it because he read some where that he should.  He’s uncomfortable.  She’s uncomfortable.  There’s tension in the air and both parties can’t wait to get that part of the sex over with.  Oral should be saved for when you really know and are committed to someone.  For the casual sexual fling oral is a disaster.  Women hate it as well.  We hate giving blow jobs unless we are very intimate and in a committed relationship.  Society has just accepted that women should do it to please a man whether she likes it or not.  Certainly there is a double standard because a man would never think about giving a woman a quick lick to get her off and nothing for him.

Oral Sex Snorkel

Oral Sex Snorkel

A woman lays back pretending to enjoy oral when all she’s really thinking about is how she smells, how she looks, are her labia too big, too small, too purple, too hairy.  The clitoris is so sensitive and if the man or woman giving oral is just vigorously licking and sucking and biting the woman will probably be cringing with pain.

Sex has to do with our touch sense.  We can touch ourselves or others in a way that makes them feel better and can also cause orgasm.  It is possible to have an orgasm with no touch involved but this takes intense training of the mind.  You can bring yourself to orgasm through thoughts alone.  We’ll discuss that in anther post.  The standard way to orgasm requires touch.

So think about this the next time your with a woman and start working on good hand techniques.  We’ll post some to do’s and how to’s in an upcoming post.  The official “Hand Job Guidebook for Men and Women”.

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Hang Gliding Through A Marshmallow Cloud Orgasm Analogy

I would like to hang glide through a thick shiny, marshmallowy cloud.  The sun outside is shining brightly on this atomic looking bright white marshmallow cloud, but when you penetrate the outer walls with your hang glider there is no light and it’s cold and visibility is limited.  I would fly through with my hang glider and keep gliding with the wet cold moisture droplets beating against my face.   When I was very cold and  tired it would feel like an orgasm as I came out  the other side of the cloud into the bright warm sunshine.

Hang Gliding Through My Marshmallow CloudOrgasmic

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