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Urban Farming

urban farming

urban farming

The best de-stress drug in the universe is submerging yourself in it’s (the earth’s) presence.  Go out to the garden and sit.  Feel the life force surge through your body.  It’s invigorating in a youthful energizing way, it cleans the soul, a clean soul is like a new slate, a chance to start over again and be forgiven.  Nature is God.  It Cleanses The Soul.  You must spend time outdoors in natural light communicating with nature.  we need to teach healthy eating but go to the urban neighborhoods and encourage local gardens and fresh produce.  give them a money making opportunity that is makes their children healthy.  It makes them physically and most importantly mentally happy.  Physical needs, money can cure, mental needs nature can cure.  i want to get money from bill gates to start apartment top gardens, neighborhood farms using the latest technology to achieve high crop yields with minimum carbon footprint impact – positive health care system cost because of a healthy population.

Why have we not focused on the source of the problem.  We focus on the by’product high healthcare costs and treatment.   We focus no money on creating crop growing, healthy nutritious neighborhoods that make money and have an enterprise model, let’s get education classes that teach people how to do urban farming and make it profitable.  The marijuana industry is the perfect example of this.  why not grow food and medicines (marijuana et al) , hyperlocally and have people make a sustainable living and become super creative to get the business.  you have to teach people how to fish.  at the end of a community project did we give them the tools to fish and be independent  Self-Sustaining Communities, we can now control the environment and genes of things to grow so we can make anything happen anywhere.  the key is that success is determined on the independence of the act.  it it;s tied to a company or money far away it should be shunned. programs have to be self sustaining. the key to success of a program is can it survive if the outside support impoloded.


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