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It’s Not About Global Warming – It’s About Poisoning Our Planet

Look everyone, you’ve got to stop focusing on global warming.  Scientifically your argument makes no sense.  The Earth has had major traumatic climate changes that dramatically change ecosystems and biology on the planet.  Major temperature changes that crush the measly temperature numbers you talk about.  The changes happen because of the sun and gravity and tilting planets.  And try as we may, man cannot control these changes.  We are not that powerful and that is why we are freaking out.  We are realizing that we may actually have an end.  No more humans.  Like other animals before us.  Each has had their time and then become extinct.  I suppose we should examine more closely species that have been around millions of years.  Its not about expanding it’s about surviving as a species.  As a species will we survive all changes. I guess those most off the grid and self sufficient will thrive.

Forget focusing on temperature we have no control over the major tilt change our planet experiences.  What we do have control over is the toxicity of the planet we live on.  Are we polluting ourselves to death, killing ourselves over toxins and poisons we put in our environment.

Bill Gates is in Antarctica.  He left technology to save the planet.  I think he deserves more focus.  Frankly I’m kinda sick of Apple.  Yes you have a hook through my nose and I’m addicted to you.  But I’m not feeling so good any more.  I’m needing a change from my self indulgent apple ways.  I’m thinking I need to go more Bill Gates style.  I’m really diggin what he’s doing for our planet.  We need to get behind a great human being Bill Gates.

Bill Bates - American Icon and Hero of Humanity

I Love Bill Gates - Please People Discover Him!

We are at a technical and spiritual stand still.  We haven’t seen that next, great breakthrough.  No one has replaced the big icons of the 70’s and 80’s during the computer revolution.  The 60’s and early 70’s were filled with dramatic Social Changes and Mores, then in the 70’s things matured and the 80’s came along and it was a technology explosion.  For the first time people were connected electronically and technology brain databases were building.  Everything was being recorded.  All behavior was being monitored.

I think I would like to get back into the business of actual message senders.  If you are legit you send a real person.  We need electronic relationships to demand biologic relationships – direct interaction or it’s not trusted.  Make a big marketing deal out of personal one on one interaction. Have RELATIONSHIP become important again.

So I said I would tell you why I’m not going to buy an apple iPad – Meh!  Who needs it.

P. S. When I’m bubbling I like to hear a smooth baritone.  A well filled bowl speaks well of a host.


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