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Moths and Mushrooms


Moths the Vampires of Butterflies


Moth the Vampires of Butterflies #2

Okay lets carry on. so i have been fascinated by moths for years. they seemed so nasa and space age like. the wing formations are unbelievable. Moths the most under appreciated species along with mushrooms. evening geniuses. we think we need light. wrong. we need darkness. we need to forge further into the dark. where immensity exists. you must travel into the darkness.

Case Moths

Case Moths


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Mushrooms – the Next Best Building Material

glowing mushrooms

Mushrooms Need More Attention

giant mushroom

giant mushroom

Supposedly mycelium, the fibrous material of mushroom roots can produce bricks as strong as concrete and as insulating as fiberglass.
Seems like a no brainer why aren’t we building with this?

Is this the largest organism in the world? This 2,400-acre (9.7 km2) site in eastern Oregon had a contiguous growth of mycelium before logging roads cut through it. Estimated at 1,665 football fields in size and 2,200 years old, this one fungus has killed the forest above it several times over, and in so doing has built deeper soil layers that allow the growth of ever-larger stands of trees. Mushroom-forming forest fungi are unique in that their mycelial mats can achieve such massive proportions.
—Paul Stamets, Mycelium Running

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Shroud of Turin is an Ancient Skidmark… just saying

shroud of turin giant ancient skidmark

Shroud of Turin - Giant Ancient Skidmark

Yes that’s right the Shroud of Turin tested positive for plant material.  the “shroud” wiping cloth as they say back in ancient times, is exactly that – an Ancient Skidmark from someone who had a huge beany lunch.  The evidence is in the leftover DNA.  thank goodness for modern science to clear up these completely bogus religious stories.  there are enough natural miracles happening around us every day.  but we turn away and choose to follow made up crap that weak minds  suck into and lose their individuality.

5,626,187 alcohol tax

14 billion to fight drug use

billions of tax money if marijuana is legalized.  i think even if it’s legalized you’ll get the small niche farmer that grows his brand, like a winery there will be weed grow farms – natural and outdoors will be more popular or on top of apartment buildings – the use of indoor will be diminished unless they are using a green energy source to power those lights that have to stay on so long.  solar etc.,

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Does a thought leave a carbon footprint?

Oh yeah so a bowl full of Green Crack later I’m enjoying the twitter prose of @dannydanko and realizing how much I miss the power of the word and especially the written word. Authors full of notepads with page after page of voracious outpourings of words from their brains. Or sometimes the empty notebooks longing for some covering ink to hide the pain of a glaring exposed blank page.


Our Laws Need To Be Written On Something Permanent

Then came the thought about laws and how they’re recorded. Most of the history of civilizations we have learned the most about had it written in stone. Yes, literally stone. Even after global warmings and shifts in nature we can uncover hidden civilizations and their history because they left their story. Then in the dark ages and the iron age ( i never could figure out the iron age in history) we didn’t record their history by the written word. We recorded it by the weapons/tools they created because they were illiterates and didn’t record things in stone and paper was not a respected record. They lived in the moment because life was hard and all you thought about was survival. Not like in Egyptian times where people had more time to think. The amount of thinking time versus survival time in a culture is in proportion to it’s success and longevity.

Religion seems to surpass the need for something to be written but then you rely on the word of followers who give their own spin. the only thing that doesn’t require recording is the real truth of the universe. Once you have an understanding of what this is you require no physical proof. Understanding which is intangible is realized.

Very few people are enlightened and therefore you need a society with laws. Recently (300 years or so, actually much longer) we have been writing laws on paper. For the most part paper is a very week physical representation for societal laws but it’s been working, animal skins lasted slightly longer. What happens now when paper is no longer used? I want to know that important parts of civilization are permantly recorded and can be instantly accessed. Like human DNA which tells a great biologic history. I want to know about human events and life. It could all be gone because none of it is put on permanent chips or something. Actually the answer lies deep with us. there is a tiny micro atom (name not discovered yet) that houses all information about the universe past and present material and (wait a minute, does a thought leave a carbon footprint?). This is the same energy unit that the Bhagavad gita talked about. This micro atom is indestructible and enters a life form for a period of time. The human body on earth is ore of a delight because they are a bit closer to who they are but still not even close. They do inhabit most life forms to some degree they are like worker ants to the queen bee. they inhabit life forces to send back information to the main intelligence which is actually nonexistent and cycles back to the inhabitants. That’s why the universe is limitless. It’s like a fat person. the body will keep building an an infrastructure to house the bigger body and the support systems necessary to support it. in the natural world certain bodily functions give out, in the universal world they can’t they are too smart and too powerful.

Anyway i want to talk to and meet the unbelievable writers of today. i want to meet you in a medical marijuana collective where we are free. That’s kinda why i don’t want marijuana legalized, i like the “very few restrictions” it has now. Its like it left up to the locals to duke it out on a local level without big government interfering. The problem is it doesn’t have much money behind it at a local level, you don’t have cool dispensaries with a cool clientele that is proud to be a member, everything has to be kept too hush hush and it doesn’t allow for social aggregating and communing ideas, art, poetry, writing. Can you imagine cannabis bars like in amsterdam along adams ave. in san diego – totally cool as hell. that’s how older cities like brooklyn and detroit and buffalo will rebound. allow the consumption of cannabis, grow the greatest strains and lure the artists. make it cool to live there because of the freedom of expression.. it’s the 60’s all over but this time the 1Numbers are armed with the wisdom and knowledge of those 60′ folks the baby boomers. they totally connect to the baby boomers. the twenty somethings are an awesome generation of free thinkers who are restudying the cores of the american constitution. they’ve seen more immigrants than back in the late 18oo’s early 1900’s think about that.

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Inca Warrior

Inca Warrior

The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa

Miss Poodle Dog

Miss Poodle Dog - listen with Bob Dylan's "Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat"

Amphibian Love

Amphibian Love

my best feature - my eyebrows

Yes it's true. Are these incredible eyebrows!





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Frankincense and the Water Shrew

What really touches me is when I lit my Frankincense resin.

Frankencene Resin

Frankincense Resin from

The aroma permeates the soul and balances my frequencies.

The frequencies that all living matter feels. Living things know through the vibrations of energy = life,  what your biologic and mental state is.  The fact that whales|mammals|dolphins feel obligated to save the weak and fight gives me belief that just looking out for your self is not the answer.  Yes you can be independent but fundamentally you are and always will be connected to living energy.

If we were to deeply study every species of the universe we would find the answers to everything.  Or might I say this.  We probably have studied many, many species but we haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to what that’s supposed to teach us.  We’ve studied living things like they are disconnected to us.  We have not studied them like they are an extension of ourselves and therefore we don’t pay attention to what nature is telling us.   Every animal has biologically engineered a solution to a problem through trial and error to stay alive.  If we want to know the answer we need to identify the features and benefits of every animal and how they solved a problem.  The answer is in nature.

Water Shrew Out of Water

Water Shrew by the bank of a river.

Take the Water Shrew. This mammal is an amphibious insectivore of about 1/3 ounce and 3 inches long. It lives it’s entire life of 18 months within a few yards of a mountain brook or lake. It eats its weight every day in insects and small fish. It echolocates like dolphins and bats. It’s fur is completely waterproof and upon exiting the water is completely dry. It has unique arrangements of hairs on it’s back feet which make is super efficient at swimming. It has poison in it’s saliva that induces a paralysis in larger prey like a mouse or fish. Who needs comic super heroes when we have kick ass animals like this one. This one shines way above any super hero with super powers that I’ve ever read. So much incredible nature around us and yet we are obsessed with man made things we think are cool that pale in comparison to the highly advanced science of nature.

Water Shrew Echolocates like Dolphins and Bats

Water Shrew Whiskers - they echolocate like Dolphins and Bats

Water Shrew Foot

Water Shrew Foot with "Special Weblike Hairs"

Water Shrew Eating Prey

Water Shrew Eating Fish

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