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We Will Pay For Internet Privacy and Free Speech!

Free Speech

Free Speech Is Not Free!

The Pay Walls won’t be for content they’ll be for anonymity.  We will pay for privacy and freedom of speech on the Internet!

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Frankincense and the Water Shrew

What really touches me is when I lit my Frankincense resin.

Frankencene Resin

Frankincense Resin from

The aroma permeates the soul and balances my frequencies.

The frequencies that all living matter feels. Living things know through the vibrations of energy = life,  what your biologic and mental state is.  The fact that whales|mammals|dolphins feel obligated to save the weak and fight gives me belief that just looking out for your self is not the answer.  Yes you can be independent but fundamentally you are and always will be connected to living energy.

If we were to deeply study every species of the universe we would find the answers to everything.  Or might I say this.  We probably have studied many, many species but we haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to what that’s supposed to teach us.  We’ve studied living things like they are disconnected to us.  We have not studied them like they are an extension of ourselves and therefore we don’t pay attention to what nature is telling us.   Every animal has biologically engineered a solution to a problem through trial and error to stay alive.  If we want to know the answer we need to identify the features and benefits of every animal and how they solved a problem.  The answer is in nature.

Water Shrew Out of Water

Water Shrew by the bank of a river.

Take the Water Shrew. This mammal is an amphibious insectivore of about 1/3 ounce and 3 inches long. It lives it’s entire life of 18 months within a few yards of a mountain brook or lake. It eats its weight every day in insects and small fish. It echolocates like dolphins and bats. It’s fur is completely waterproof and upon exiting the water is completely dry. It has unique arrangements of hairs on it’s back feet which make is super efficient at swimming. It has poison in it’s saliva that induces a paralysis in larger prey like a mouse or fish. Who needs comic super heroes when we have kick ass animals like this one. This one shines way above any super hero with super powers that I’ve ever read. So much incredible nature around us and yet we are obsessed with man made things we think are cool that pale in comparison to the highly advanced science of nature.

Water Shrew Echolocates like Dolphins and Bats

Water Shrew Whiskers - they echolocate like Dolphins and Bats

Water Shrew Foot

Water Shrew Foot with "Special Weblike Hairs"

Water Shrew Eating Prey

Water Shrew Eating Fish

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Flipper Committed Suicide – “The Cove”

I just watched the award winning movie The Cove. Ric O’Barry was the original trainer on Flipper – Cathy. Ric O'Barry & Flipper - Cathy

Ric O’Barry & Cathy – “Flipper

He would bring down a TV to the dock so  she could watch Flipper. She knew the difference between the 5 dolphins that were used on the show. Flipper created a billion dollar industry and dolphins put into tanks around the world.

Dolphins - SeaWorld

Dolphins - SeaWorld

In Taiji Japan the fisherman bang into the water causing auditory stress to the dolphins, corral them into the lagoon, take some to be sent around the world valued at $150,000 a piece for shows and about 23,000 more are killed and sold as meet at $600 a piece. Ric O’Barry  who feels he in some way created the problem, decided to stop it the day Cathy – Flipper swam into his arms , took a breath and then decided never to breath again. Flipper committed suicide.  Dolphins have control of their breathing which makes them even more intelligent than us. They have the desicion every day to live or die.  Cathy was so sad she would rather die than live in jail all her life.  When you watch the film you’ll see that they always try to save themselves when captured.  They don’t give up.

After her death he went around the world with the mission to free dolphins which are whales. These mammals travel 40 miles a day. They are auditory animals and put our sonar to shame. They have no sense of smell.  They hear the blood coarsing through our veins, our heartbeat, a pregnat womans baby’s heartbeat. Too much noise like in a marine show with the crowd cheering and no place to run  stresses them.

Crowd at a Marine Show - too much noise for whales

Crowd create too much noise for whales - STRESS

They have to feed tagament to the dolphins because they have ulcers.  The movie is so sad I cried so hard when I saw the one dolphin with blood coming out trying to escape and die.

The San Diego Union Tribune reported in March 2007 that the state had retracted a report about the danger of Killer Whales killing someone.  Incidents that have been going on for years with killer whales and their trainers. It’s proof that time and time again these animals are stressed and when an incident occurs they are shipped out to another marine show only to cause incidents again.

Dawn Brancheau - SeaWorld Killer Whale Death

Dawn Brancheau - Her death could have been prevented.

Dawn Brancheau should have never died. It was an accident waiting to happen. Warnings about the danger had been given as far back as 2007. Seaworld should be shut down and the animals released.

This is an interview just the other day with the director of the cove Louis Psihoyos

Louis Psihoyos - Director "The Cove"

Louis Psihoyos - Director "The Cove"

talking about the inhumanity of keeping these animals penned up in a pool. It is inexcusable behavior in the name of profit and greed. If we want to experience animals then lets make sure they live free and have an environment to thrive in.

Learn what’s killing them because its killing us as well. Dolphins are at the same level of food chain as we are.  The amount of mercury they are consuming is toxic. Fisherman eating the meat are getting sick and getting minamata disease. It’s completely ludicrous that Japan considers killing dolphins pest control. They say the dolphins are eating too much fish?  Fisherman are upset.  Can’t they see that they are causing this not dolphins?

Get involved in making a difference.   The Dolphin Project.

Here’s Ric O’Barry on CNN a couple of years ago.  Dolphins are put into a panic state and know they are going to die sometimes for 20 – 30 hours before they are killed.  The noise they make is gut wrenching.

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