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Trumpet Soul 92116

Trumpet Soul

Trumpet Soul in 92116

Last night I was sitting on my stoop and i heard a trumpet playing the blues. it was dark. the porch light was on and it’s a quiet spring evening. the dogs were happy playing in the garden. the night was calm and you could feel the energy from the garden like an intoxicating spell. i sat on the stoop. then i listened. some distance, i’m not sure how far away, diagonally i think, maybe 300 – 500 feet a very talented trumpet player was making music. i was elated. it was dreamy, soulful, flesh saturation blues that moved you. i banged my hands together at the end of his songs. i wasn’t sure if this would embarass him. me an audience. was he looking just to practice and i interrupted. or was i actually a wanted audience. i decided on the latter. i wanted musicians from the neighborhood to gather and play.

Jimi Hendrix - Master Music Mind

Jimi Hendrix - Master Music Mind

i think this is an ancient ritual that is actually part of our dna. we would pass down history through music which moved our emotions. often feelings are much more intuitive than our 5 senses. they are a much higher level of understanding. if music can make people feel a certain way then they can now understand and there is a connection. there must always be a connection.

21st Century economically healthy tribalism

21st Century Economically Healthy Tribalism

What if decisions were made in the ancient tribal civilizations by those companies who would invest in the sacred keeping of their civilization . to make sure that it was so wealthy in the fact of it’s peoples needing nothing more than what it could provide that they opted in to that society. that’s what society is all about. a society is built on opted in participants. when you lose those participants you lose power . you must own the audience. the one who owns the audience whether it be a politician, media company that will influence the vote

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