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Don’t Despair 20 Somethings

I’m really concerned about the despair that I read in in her recommended blogroll.  A lot of young women are feeling very anxious and have despair.  It’s like they look around and see a lot of people in a malaise.  No one thinks about the future.  It’s like a big blur because there is so much uncertainty.  We need to get re-focused on understanding that our collective and individual thoughts are solely responsible for our future.  We have to get the wisdom of belief back.  It ‘s so hard to do when you think you are  not in control. it’s like we’re burned out and don’t want to be in control, we’re ripe for someone to come in and motivate us in some direction, any direction.  direction means movement and we crave movement because we feel like we are stuck and can’t get out.  what is causing this lethargy – is it in the planets – huge solar flares – the earth being shifted a bit because of the earthquakes – or is it just ourselves. are we so busy trying to outwardly connect that we forget living small.  we forget the greatness of what is immediately around us – the most 3-d experience we can have, why are we trying to duplicate reality when all we need to do is get out into nature and allow your self to experience and communicate with the energy of the universe.

Vanessa Soberanis

These Photos are Magnificent , Vanessa Soberanis.


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Does a thought leave a carbon footprint?

Oh yeah so a bowl full of Green Crack later I’m enjoying the twitter prose of @dannydanko and realizing how much I miss the power of the word and especially the written word. Authors full of notepads with page after page of voracious outpourings of words from their brains. Or sometimes the empty notebooks longing for some covering ink to hide the pain of a glaring exposed blank page.


Our Laws Need To Be Written On Something Permanent

Then came the thought about laws and how they’re recorded. Most of the history of civilizations we have learned the most about had it written in stone. Yes, literally stone. Even after global warmings and shifts in nature we can uncover hidden civilizations and their history because they left their story. Then in the dark ages and the iron age ( i never could figure out the iron age in history) we didn’t record their history by the written word. We recorded it by the weapons/tools they created because they were illiterates and didn’t record things in stone and paper was not a respected record. They lived in the moment because life was hard and all you thought about was survival. Not like in Egyptian times where people had more time to think. The amount of thinking time versus survival time in a culture is in proportion to it’s success and longevity.

Religion seems to surpass the need for something to be written but then you rely on the word of followers who give their own spin. the only thing that doesn’t require recording is the real truth of the universe. Once you have an understanding of what this is you require no physical proof. Understanding which is intangible is realized.

Very few people are enlightened and therefore you need a society with laws. Recently (300 years or so, actually much longer) we have been writing laws on paper. For the most part paper is a very week physical representation for societal laws but it’s been working, animal skins lasted slightly longer. What happens now when paper is no longer used? I want to know that important parts of civilization are permantly recorded and can be instantly accessed. Like human DNA which tells a great biologic history. I want to know about human events and life. It could all be gone because none of it is put on permanent chips or something. Actually the answer lies deep with us. there is a tiny micro atom (name not discovered yet) that houses all information about the universe past and present material and (wait a minute, does a thought leave a carbon footprint?). This is the same energy unit that the Bhagavad gita talked about. This micro atom is indestructible and enters a life form for a period of time. The human body on earth is ore of a delight because they are a bit closer to who they are but still not even close. They do inhabit most life forms to some degree they are like worker ants to the queen bee. they inhabit life forces to send back information to the main intelligence which is actually nonexistent and cycles back to the inhabitants. That’s why the universe is limitless. It’s like a fat person. the body will keep building an an infrastructure to house the bigger body and the support systems necessary to support it. in the natural world certain bodily functions give out, in the universal world they can’t they are too smart and too powerful.

Anyway i want to talk to and meet the unbelievable writers of today. i want to meet you in a medical marijuana collective where we are free. That’s kinda why i don’t want marijuana legalized, i like the “very few restrictions” it has now. Its like it left up to the locals to duke it out on a local level without big government interfering. The problem is it doesn’t have much money behind it at a local level, you don’t have cool dispensaries with a cool clientele that is proud to be a member, everything has to be kept too hush hush and it doesn’t allow for social aggregating and communing ideas, art, poetry, writing. Can you imagine cannabis bars like in amsterdam along adams ave. in san diego – totally cool as hell. that’s how older cities like brooklyn and detroit and buffalo will rebound. allow the consumption of cannabis, grow the greatest strains and lure the artists. make it cool to live there because of the freedom of expression.. it’s the 60’s all over but this time the 1Numbers are armed with the wisdom and knowledge of those 60′ folks the baby boomers. they totally connect to the baby boomers. the twenty somethings are an awesome generation of free thinkers who are restudying the cores of the american constitution. they’ve seen more immigrants than back in the late 18oo’s early 1900’s think about that.

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National Health Care is a Good Start – Then Turn It Over to the States

Sexy Shaun White Exemplary 20 Something

Sexy Shaun White Exemplary "20 Something"

I would like to have a club that only allowed people aged 20 – 28 and 48 – 65.  These two generations are almost identical and could really learn from one another.  They share the same ideals and beliefs before consumerism took over. The kids (I’ll call them kids and it’s by no means derogatory) are bringing back 60’s and 70’s music, culture and politics.  Outwardly focused agenda’s versus the Me, Mine focused agenda’s of the 80’s and 90’s.  These two groups could be very powerful together.  The 20 Somethings were 50/50 McCain – Obama until McCain chose Palin.  They’re too smart for that.  They understand a puppet candidate versus someone at least slightly better than that.  The 20 Somethings fled toward Obama but now that he’s actually been elected and 25% of his contract is done they’re like, wow not much has changed (except this week with health care – that may have been the defining move in his Presidency.  If they write up Health Care with future power turned over to the states as I’ve outlined below he could be a hero.  Yes welcome to our political system.

The best answer to a government by the people is to keep it Local and keep it Small.  That’s why the founding fathers wanted the power to be with the towns and cities within the states.  That’s why they wanted more control by the states so the federal government would not be powerful.  It would merely moderate disputes according to the constitution.  Other than than a moderating entity the federal government was not to have power.

Think about it.  How awesome would it be for individual states to be graded and judged according to how it was to live there and what freedoms you had.  States would become cool to live in for more reasons than just taxes.  Rarely are states talked about in terms of the liberties you get by living there.  I actually don’t have a problem with healthcare for everyone.  I’d like to live in a culture where living healthy was a priority and encouraged.  Protecting the environment was encouraged.  But I don’t need a law mandating where money goes. I want to choose things that I feel are important, not my government. It’s my money.  I could agree to pay a certain amount of my income to causes I believed in.  I, on my taxes could check off where I wanted the money to go.  If I wanted health insurance I would check that off and my money could go there.  I would live in a state where I shared the same beliefs as others.  This is not like a cult or monochromatic.  Quite the opposite.  I want to live in a diverse community where people believe in many different things openly and with zeal but people are not hated for it, the culture would be one of respect for individualism and encouraged.

I want California to be the first state to legalize marijuana and not for the usual reasons people think.  I want California to legalize it #1 because it’ an expensive mistake the government made when they decided to prohibit it much like they did in the 20’s and 30’s with alcohol.  It could actually be an incredible viable industry and a product like wine, which California has a reputation for having the best in the world.  It’s natural, organic and provides pleasure.

#2 It sets the message that the power can go back to the states.  If the states feel that something  at a federal level is a huge mistake they can disagree and have different laws.  Marijuana for example.  Right now states are trying to do this with health care but I think this is a mistake.  It would take too long to have 50 states come up with state health plans, get them drawn up, voted on – agreed upon.  It would be a disaster.  At this point we need a national plan.  Going forward however, power regarding health, should then be turned over to the states as they become more prepared to handle it.

Back to the older part of the post…

Not only has nothing happened but we’re in another war – Afghanistan?  A country that has taken down anyone who attempts to get past it’s impenetrable mountain borders. Then you ask all this for what?? Shaun White.


Baby Boomers Reborn "The Boomerangs - RG's"

They are disgusted with our foreign policy agenda.  They don’t understand why we are invading other countries and brutalizing their citizens.  Those that are in the military had no choice.  There are no jobs and it’s the only way they  have a chance at making some money and maybe a career. They have been manipulated by the government and media that you have courage and greatness when you are a soldier.  The country loves you no matter what kind of person you are.  You are a glorified Army Ant.  Nothing more nothing less.  Army Ant.

Army Ant

Army Ant, No It's Not Heroic

The 20 Somethings have less ego like those of the 60’s.  They love freedom and individualism.  I just wish they would take up much more strongly the fact that our government killed 3,ooo plus citizens on 911.  They should be storming the white house, holding marches and demanding answers.  These crimes have to stop against the American people all in the name of security.

I’m worried I’m so shocked and outraged that I have to leave this country but to where?  or holy shit you 20 Somethings find the truth and punish.  But there is no  media  money anymore to have real unbiased journalism.  It doesn’t exist.  the only model that can exist is on the spot reporters who gain points with relevancy and immediacy.   They don’t get caught with bogus reports.   I’m not sure this pay model can profit without hiring immigrants at the street level.

Is, 911 a lie?

Question Everything.

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Want to Pleasure a Woman? Give her a Hand Job.

Hand Job Painting

Hand Job Painting

Okay here’s another major wake up call.  Women like hand jobs! Yes that’s right.  In fact a good hand job far exceeds oral (which almost always is done poorly) and “penetration only” encounters.  Give me a man or woman who knows how to use her or his hands and you’ll send me right to heaven.  Combine that with a couple of the other things mentioned earlier and that’s going to be a very satisfied woman.

People make such a big deal about orally pleasuring a woman that they completely forget about what makes a woman feel good and will bring her to orgasm.  Oral rarely brings a woman to orgasm but a decent hand job dramatically increases the chances that she will reach orgasm.  Oral is not all that much fun for woman unless she knows the man deeply enjoys doing this.  Most times a man is doing it because he read some where that he should.  He’s uncomfortable.  She’s uncomfortable.  There’s tension in the air and both parties can’t wait to get that part of the sex over with.  Oral should be saved for when you really know and are committed to someone.  For the casual sexual fling oral is a disaster.  Women hate it as well.  We hate giving blow jobs unless we are very intimate and in a committed relationship.  Society has just accepted that women should do it to please a man whether she likes it or not.  Certainly there is a double standard because a man would never think about giving a woman a quick lick to get her off and nothing for him.

Oral Sex Snorkel

Oral Sex Snorkel

A woman lays back pretending to enjoy oral when all she’s really thinking about is how she smells, how she looks, are her labia too big, too small, too purple, too hairy.  The clitoris is so sensitive and if the man or woman giving oral is just vigorously licking and sucking and biting the woman will probably be cringing with pain.

Sex has to do with our touch sense.  We can touch ourselves or others in a way that makes them feel better and can also cause orgasm.  It is possible to have an orgasm with no touch involved but this takes intense training of the mind.  You can bring yourself to orgasm through thoughts alone.  We’ll discuss that in anther post.  The standard way to orgasm requires touch.

So think about this the next time your with a woman and start working on good hand techniques.  We’ll post some to do’s and how to’s in an upcoming post.  The official “Hand Job Guidebook for Men and Women”.

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Mungheaver and Alleviating Marijuana Insomnia


Definition of Mungheaver

How the hell did I come across this definition?  Do I really want to know what the definition is and even more importantly wow does this really exist?  It was in the Urban Dictionary.

Hey by the way… I have been experiencing pure insomnia.  When I close my eyes my eyeball muscles can’t relax and it keeps me awake even though my eyes are closed and I’m exhausted.  Also my vision was totally blurry and the frontal lobe of my brain was feeling electrically charged with no off button.  It was freaking me out and causing major concern all week.  I didn’t want  to give up the positive effects the marijuana was providing me (no night sweats, no menopause symptoms, less pms, general well being and not as depressed). The down side is I was having major insomnia and excitability in the frontal brain along with total loss of memory if I had any MJ at all.  I could watch TV shows 2 and 3 times Glenn Close Damagesand it would be like watching for the first time, every time.  I didn’t like that part of it.  On the other hand I fill out journal after journal with thoughts that seem so fuckin awesome at the time, and a few of them are actually good ideas when I’m sober the next day.

Marijuana Insomnia

Marijuana Insomnia

I always enjoyed Auntie Dolores Brownies and got a good night sleep every time.  Since I started smokin more I noticed the jumpy eyes and insomnia.  So I decided to make my own tincture.  I had bought some locally but it was made with glycerin and I spent $80 for total crap that did nothing for me.  I searched the Internet and found a recipe.  I took 1/4 oz. of Green Crack, baked for 4 minutes @ 325 and then put it in 151 Trader Vic’s Rum and cooked in a pyrex measuring glass at 150 – 165 degrees for 20 minutes.   I did let it boil at one time rather rapidly and the temperature went above 180.  I tried some ,1/2 teaspoon and then another.  The feeling takes 1- 1 1/2 hours to feel but it’s much more body and chakra focused and calming and less other stuff.  I say other stuff because I’m thinking that when you smoke MJ you are getting things in the body that are bad and are eliminated when ingested.  Even though it takes longer and requires more base product it’s better for you.  If they would allow more experimentation with the plant and flower we could really come up with a perfect dosage solution for each ailment.

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Getting Into Glassware

Even though I enjoy ingesting cannabis it’s very expensive to do it that way.  I normally reserve ingesting for the weekends where I’m looking for a long term feel good and won’t be driving anywhere.  During the week however I smoke it at night.  Since I’m a Born Again Toker “BAT”

batman logo

"Born Again Toker"; BAT

I only have a small water pipe.  So I started looking around the Internet and watched Tang & Chubbs talk about bongs and recommended head shops.

I never imagined I’d be thinking of spending hundreds of dollars on a bong but bongs around now compared to 30 years ago blow my mind.

Roor Bongs

Glorious Glassware for the Ultimate Smoking Pleasure

Here is a video that explains all of the Roor product line.

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Marijuana Is The Answer For Menopause

Women in America wake up! There’s a reason why the American Medical Association, AMA has announced that after 72 years it is reversing its pot policy and urged the federal government to do the same.

If you are in the menopause years and are experiencing malaise, weight gain, thinning skin, loss of muscle tone, bloating, hot flashes, depression, memory loss, tiredness, spiritually crossroaded, blah, feeling old, movement is slower, energy is diminished, laughter is hidden, good times seem less, friends seem few, family is not worth getting that upset over any more, job is for what again?, do I need that expensive car?, daily bathing is overrated – it’s not necessary on weekends, some germs are good and help protect me in my diminished and aging immune system state. vision problems – at 40 you start needing glasses,

mr. magoo

eye health is important and marijuana can help

at 50 you can’t read no matter what the fuck you do, you can’t see far, you can’t see near and at times they’re so dry you can’t even get the lids open, By the way as I write this it’s a Sunday afternoon. The Jets are playing Indianapolis for the division title. I’m smokin some Green Ribbon and seriously “feeling” my Sunday afternoon.
Anyway back to my menopause symptom list. As you can see in the previous paragraph getting old sucks big time. Much bigger than I ever anticipated or thought much about. It’s like getting blindsided by a brick. There’s nothing gentle about it. You literally will wake up one day and say “Oh Shit I’m Old!”. And you’ll feel that way as well. Then you wonder what the fuck do I do with my life for the next 50 years and hopefully they’ll ease off on the life extension drugs because the thought of living even longer is like a death sentence to hell. You try to picture yourself at 60 and 70 and you’re totally blind. That’s the problem I have no plan because right now my life feels like I’m sitting atop a kayak on a wavy ocean. I look forward and see little that is positive. But here’s where the wonderful healing powers of Marijuana come in.

Menopause relief

Mary Jane's nugs make me feel good in body, mind and spirit.

Ladies you must get out and start being vocal about the benefits of marijuana. Try it yourself. Sign up with a clinic and get a Medical Marijuana License and then visit your local dispensaries and start feeling the healthful benefits of marijuana. As I write this I think of how many millions of you suffering from the ailments listed above are self medicating with alcohol. Repeated use of alcohol has serious and debilitating evenly deadly side effects with overuse. Marijuana has never been the cause of an overdose or even a death.
Frequent light dosages of marijuana will make you feel like a new woman. Marijuana is very spiritual and heals not superficially but deep within the soul. It is the drug of “Peace”. Much maligned in this day in age but what we all want is the journey towards inner peace. For thousands of years people have known to rely on nature to produce products that when consumed either by eating, applying or inhaling could take mortal man into a very deep journey into the meaning of life. Through our fellow nature we could use them to tell us a story. Each plant tells us a story and exists because it benefits us. Things only exist that provide benefit to something else. If something stops providing benefit nature will let it die. Much like in business. Marijuana’s THC  molecules actually fit perfectly into certain receptors in our brain.  The marriage of the two takes us to something higher, a greater plane of knowledge. The answer is in nature. Most of the man made prescription drugs we have nowadays have terrible side effects. What most people don’t realize is that the side effects are often because of the chemicals that were added to the root base of the drug which was good. The herbal essence base that the drug is found on. What we need to realize is that we can strip those unnecessary, harmful chemicals and go back to the purely natural method of healing. This would keep our Rain Forests from being cut down. The emphasis would be to save the Rain Forests because in their natural state, great natural drugs can be picked and processed naturally to cure many ailments. Imagine the Rain Forests thriving once again and the local natives who live in the forest maintaining their culture yet earning wages because they can farm and harvest the Rain Forests

burning rain forests

Nature has the answer.

for their high performance natural remedies. Success can happen by maintaining nature and doing what is good for man.
Women Speak Up! The AMA is behind you so now they won’t think you’re just a bunch of emotionally lost women who are latching onto a romantic cause they don’t really believe in. This is our chance for Women to have a major impact on something so beneficial to women’s health.
It would be awesome if Rosie O’Donnell

rosie odonnell

we need your support

on the  new XM/Sirius Radio Show supported marijuana use as a natural and safe alternative to pharmaceutical poisons.  Rosie can be huge in helping to build momentum for marijuana being legal. She pushed millions of people in middle America to accept Gays. She can do the same for Marijuana by uniting all women, gay and straight who are middle age and menopausal demanding relief naturally.  More marketing needs to go to mid life women. I feel this segment age wise 45 – 65 is misunderstood and under marketed. We’ll spend money but more socially oriented. We need to start having Medical Marijuana Parties.

I saw

botox is not the way to reward employees

Vicki on the “The Real Housewives of Orange County” give a botox party for her employees. Are you kidding me?! You show a 20-something young man feeling obligated to participate in getting botox,

botox injections

We've been brainwashed to believe POISON is GOOD for US!

rat poison that causes paralysis into his face, head …brain!!  Since when did it become okay in American to inject Rat Poison into your body at work but you can’t get a job if you test positive for herbal marijuana use.  Vicki I urge you to use your powerful motivational skills and business acumen to propel the legalization of marijuana so women may have access to a healthier way of feeling better.

We are a sick culture when we allow chemicals to be injected into our cells daily and ignore nature which beckons our call and screams out one last time to tell us that it’s here on the planet  for a reason.

horeshead nebula

god travels in light. You'll find him there.

By the way… the Jets lost, I ate 2 pre-fab egg/sausage things with Barefoot Bubbly and GrandDaddy Purple and am feelin Sunday fine!!! I thing the term feelin should be defined by a hyper local sensitivity to one’s surroundings resulting in a one-with-nature harmony and peace.  When you look at the amazing galaxy  photos that our traveling telescopes send back you can see and almost feel the inter-connecting energy that light brings among matter.


just randomness……

I need to learn to love more than one.  I’m not the kind of person who can love more than one and it’s ruining my relationships with people.

I wish I had tomorrow off from work.  Mmmmm.  That would be so nice.

My very wet deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean has dried out quite a bit today but it’s still going to be another few days before every thing is really dry.  The surf has really died down.  Even with ear plugs the surf kept pounding the beach all week.  It was obscene.

Long story short about the finches.  4 of them.  Father, male, 2 daughters.  Finches like to live in pairs.  The father has paired with one of his daughters.  the male has somewhat paired with the other daughter but they don’t get along.  The need to biologically procreate is less important than having a partner to share life with.  Biological incest is not as important as pairing.  the harmony you have with another living being.

The smell of an exotic raging nugget of bud is so highly orgasmic.  It’s almost like the brain orgasms upon smell of the bud.  Those THC molecules have landed on your nasal hairs and they are turned on!

nug, marijuana bud / I love Mary Jane's Nugs / Nug Lover

I sometimes think about that statistics professor i had that could remember everybody’s names upon first acknowledgment.  Because he remembered me I remembered him.  that’s always what it’s about.  He’s the kind of professor that even though I was in love with the girl across the hall i could see falling in lust for this bearded, pot smoking, liberal, cordouroy wearing texture rich professor.  He was married but he’d have bonfires at his property.  weed smokin students who were “in” on the fringe side could get access.  thank god i finally fit into something.  the castaway supposedly cool group was sometimes cool to be in.  we smoked a lot of weed in indiana.  everyone was mellow and we were buffered from the tumbling economy. i remember deep fog on a friday afternoon. the sound pounded in my ears and seemed crystal sharp and “touchy”.

Finally realizing i can’t live in the past. I used to be able to live in the future.  So how do I effectively live in the present in a post Deepak Chopra 90’s way? that was 20 years ago, what have we learned? what changes have we made? i say nothing. We let corporate America and the govermnent completely control our money and our lives – all for making money and creating profits.  False profits.

My parents have exit strategies that involve assist.  I give them tremendous admiration for being so well planned as to not burden the family, yet at the same time i am a called on assassin.  at any time i could be called upon to pull the plug.  this terrorizes yet calms me.

i am not the kind of person who watched the george clooney haiti special.  i think it was last night. i’m not sure why i had no desire to watch it. i hope it raised a lot of money. i may have been busy watching the taped reunion show of  “Jersey Shore”.

this is one of my favorite paintings of all time … Andrew Wyeth “Master Bedroom”.

andrew wyeth master bedroom

peace is a sleeping dog

I can understand and feel that bedroom. My parents have the same feeling in their bedroom. It’s 50 years of marriage. a calm and peaceful feeling. light comes through the windows and illuminates different parts of the room like thinking about different time of life – the shadows and illuminations remind us of time, that why stonehenge that’s why watches, the keepers of time are always important. but are the ones who tell us how to live within that time the most important.

Unfortunately information about the positive effects of marijuana is behind paid firewalls.  Not that I have anything against firewalls but why does all the positive information stay buried.  It’s almost like money from the government is spent to test marijuana the results of these experiments are behind paid firewalls.

I feel like the answer to successful cooperatives is to have a certified expert on location.  I feel the certification sets an industry standard as to the dispensing and dosing of the herb.  i think there should be schools for cannibiology.  Each location should have an herbal expert that can recommend cannabis as well as other herbs.  they can be more open to foot traffic and herbal elixirs for many ailments. why haven’t more ayurvedic centers helped propel the legality of an an herb that heals.  Real doctors need to bring back the days of the general practioner and rather than have chemicals displayed proudly upfront with ads flaunting 15 year old skin, the doctor would tout a lifestyle.  Harmony with nature and aging naturally.  enjoying and feeling your surroundings. doctors could be selling marijuana right at their location and encouraging people to come to them. the doctor actually becomes a valued dispenser of biological enhancements.

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