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The Oil Spill – Still Not As Bad as Roane County Tennessee in 2008

Gulf Oil Spill

Gulf Oil Spill

Naples, FL

Naples, FL beautiful pristine beaches and amazing marine life

The Oil Spill is making me very sad.  A previous post I did talks about the biggest toxic spill disaster in American history. December 2008 Roane County Tennessee but hardly anyone made mention of it. The post references the Rollingstone article about the toxic coal sludge.  Check it out. The sick part is that it’s the same company that cause the spill as head the mining disaster that killed 26 people- Don Blankenship, Massey Energy.

The fact that it’s spring and all the wildlife will be having offspring is killing me because I can’t do anything about it.  The Gulf already suffered huge losses this year because of the cold weather.  Fishing has been restricted in many areas of Florida because the so many fish a marine life died over the winter.  This would be horrible if this get’s so bad that the Gulf is polluted for years and years and the beautiful pristine beaches that surround the Gulf will be destroyed.


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Toxic Coal Sludge Is Poisoning Us and Causing Autism

Coal Sludg

Coal Sludge Spill 100x Greater than Exxon Valdez Spill

How can it possibly be that the EPA has not categorized Coal Sludge as hazardous!  It’s considered “non-hazardous” and is being pumped into our environment at staggering numbers.  It’s being put into everything from wallboard, top soil – the list goes on and is very scary.  There are over 500 toxic coal sludge dumping grounds that have no requirement for proper containment.  Coal Sludge has a total of 24 very toxic chemicals that leach into our environment.  Rollingstone has a great article, Coal’s Toxic Sludge , by Jeff Goodell

Jeff Goodell

Jeff Goodell - He deserves recognition but we need action now!

which not only gives you details about a toxic spill that was 100 times bigger than the one the Exxon Valdez caused, right in Tennessee, but you’ll read about lakes that have enough poison in them to kill everything on the planet.

Coal Sludge Spill

Toxic Coal Sludge Dumps - more than 500 in the USA

We wonder why the life in the oceans is dying and dolphins and whales are experiencing extremely high levels of mercury.  We wonder why autism is so prevalent.  It’s the deadly toxic metals that are being pumped into our environment and the EPA says the sludge in non-hazardous.  We are giving the Coal companies licenses to kill us.  Anything living near water is experiencing mutations and deformities at alarming rates. Don BlankenshipMassey Energy

Massey energy twiiter rants

Massey Energy Twitter Rants - Don Blankenship is the Devil

Deformed Frogs

Deformed Frogs - Kids With Autism - it's not the vaccines!

Evil Don Blankeship

Pure Evil Don Blankenship

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Rosie O’Donnell and Brooke Shields to Co-Host 2011 Talk Show

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields and Rosie O'Donnell Co-Host 2011 Talk Show

Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O'Donnell, Chelsea Handler, Brooke Shields, Kathy Griffin, Norah Jones Talk Show

My “View” panel would be Chelsea Handler, Rosie O’Donnell, Brooke Shields, Kathy Griffin and Norah Jones. When Rosie has her TV show in 2011 she needs to showcase powerful women in all walks o f life and levels of income. There are success levels in each area of expertise. Hey if you’re going try to get by using a fraction of your full capability than so be it – but be the best at something no matter how fringe. On the other hand if you want to “live to your potential” way of life – you will self will you to achieve in many areas not just one. The lazier your are the more you focus on one thing. To be focused on at least 1 thing you do well is important. What do you do well. The more you do it the better you feel. Do we take the time to figure out what we do well, put it into words which make it become tangible in our brains. Our brains require a tangible word – language in order to remember it.

The ability to record history and pass it down to the next generation is what man prides itself on in the quest for superiority.

monarch butterflies

The Answer to Alzheimer's is in the Monarch Butterflies - Don't let them die off.

I want to know how dolphins and animals pass on to the next generation an incredible amount of history. think about it — they can track back to an area thousands of miles away, a minuscule location on an enormous planet and they have never been there before. monarch butterflies are at the most basic genome of biology leaving a code that gets past down to future generations so they have all the answers – where to fly to to procreate, etc. once it’s created it can’t be destroyed you just need to know that the key to life enlightenment is knowing that everything is remembered. latch onto the wisdom of the universe. it remembers everything and gives you a pretty good probability of what works. we need to see how that works – that could be the key to unlocking the unforgettable memory that humans have. we need to know that everything is permanently remembered and is passed on. study animals that migrate to areas they’ve never been before. that is the secret to understanding alzheimers and what medicines will work. Kick Ass Politicians, Comediennes, Actresses, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Musicians, Artists, Chefs, Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Carpenters, Gardeners, Shamans, Vets, Horse Trainers, Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Foster Mothers, Teachers, Camp Counselors, ESL teachers, Potters, Biologists, Chemists, Astronomers, Astronauts, Cafeteria Workers, Brazilian Hair Waxers, Hair Stylists, Dog Walkers, Dry Cleaners, House Cleaner, Bus Driver, Cashier, Librarian, Police Officer, Corrections Officer, School Crossing Guard, Waitress, Bird Breeder, Farmer, Fast Food Worker. Follow there lives for a short period of time. There would be videos of outstanding people in all kinds of positions. Expand the possiblities of who you could become. We want to profile the most interesting intense new kind of positions available – the hot jobs and who’s the best at it. Interviews with the movers an shakers in any bizarre profession from garbage collectors to vp’s. Follow these people – showcase a few professionals and professionals per week. – I want to know where women are kicking ass and how they’re kicking ass. i want to showcase how to give a hand up to other women in power. we have to be advocates for promoting women to powerful positions.

Why not a nonstop local newscast that uses mobile facebook, print , live streaming with headlines leading to news website for a quickie news experience – we’ll dazzle you with the story for an orgasmic 1:30 minutes – show you pics, videos, live reporting and tweets. we have to be a instant categorizer of content and organize that in such a way that it can be monetized as a complete package. A chunk of multimedia content that we aggregated seemlessly put together and maintained and built additional links are sold off to networks. content is valuable but the mechanism in place to sift through content and bring up the most relevant, experienced, credentialed is non existent on news sites. they need a trusted search mechanism for content links to every story they have on their site – how trusted is the story coming into their site – is it certified – did it meet the standard and criteria and therefore readers know they are reading “certified” content.

Create a business model that certifies content and makes money on each certification. We create the filter that gives an okay for a story being legitimate.

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Chickens Can No Longer Walk

chickens are abused, hormones, chemicals

Chickens are abused with hormones and chemicals and we are being poisoned

I’m totally freaked out right now.  I bought some skinless, boneless chicken thighs for my dogs at Von’s today.  They eat chicken and rice for dinner.  So when I opened the package of chicken thighs I pulled the first thigh out and noticed that it completely covered my hand.  I have big hands and this thigh was so enormous it completely covered my hand.  I noticed that the flesh seemed unusually tender in a weird,” it feels like I can’t touch it” way.  I also noticed that the smell was different – forced fake chemically enhanced no-smell scent.  There was no doubt in my mind that this was a chemically enhanced piece of flesh.

I was nauseated at the thought of these chickens being pumped with chemicals and hormones to the point where they could only sit in their feces and wait to die.  We’ve all seen the videos of the chickens with their breasts being so enhanced they can’t walk.  It’s the whole body including the thighs that enslave them to their body weight.  They can’t move.  At ages when they are babies they are at least triple the size of adult chicken.  You don’t need to provide an open range.  They can’t  walk even if they were free.

Hormonally enhanced chicken thighs

6 3/4" x 4" Hormonally Enhanced Jumbo Chicken Thighs

These were seriously freaky JUMBO thighs.  I cooked the meat and when I took it out and cut it up for my dogs it seemed so fake and it was a tendery-rubbery kind of consistency.  There was no smell and I’m sure there was no taste.  I have to find a good vegetarian diet for my dogs.  I really don’t eat meat.  I do cook chicken for my dogs and felt bad that I was doing so but didn’t know of an alternative.  I’m going to do some research on vegetarian dog diet and I’ll keep you posted.

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Frankincense and the Water Shrew

What really touches me is when I lit my Frankincense resin.

Frankencene Resin

Frankincense Resin from

The aroma permeates the soul and balances my frequencies.

The frequencies that all living matter feels. Living things know through the vibrations of energy = life,  what your biologic and mental state is.  The fact that whales|mammals|dolphins feel obligated to save the weak and fight gives me belief that just looking out for your self is not the answer.  Yes you can be independent but fundamentally you are and always will be connected to living energy.

If we were to deeply study every species of the universe we would find the answers to everything.  Or might I say this.  We probably have studied many, many species but we haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to what that’s supposed to teach us.  We’ve studied living things like they are disconnected to us.  We have not studied them like they are an extension of ourselves and therefore we don’t pay attention to what nature is telling us.   Every animal has biologically engineered a solution to a problem through trial and error to stay alive.  If we want to know the answer we need to identify the features and benefits of every animal and how they solved a problem.  The answer is in nature.

Water Shrew Out of Water

Water Shrew by the bank of a river.

Take the Water Shrew. This mammal is an amphibious insectivore of about 1/3 ounce and 3 inches long. It lives it’s entire life of 18 months within a few yards of a mountain brook or lake. It eats its weight every day in insects and small fish. It echolocates like dolphins and bats. It’s fur is completely waterproof and upon exiting the water is completely dry. It has unique arrangements of hairs on it’s back feet which make is super efficient at swimming. It has poison in it’s saliva that induces a paralysis in larger prey like a mouse or fish. Who needs comic super heroes when we have kick ass animals like this one. This one shines way above any super hero with super powers that I’ve ever read. So much incredible nature around us and yet we are obsessed with man made things we think are cool that pale in comparison to the highly advanced science of nature.

Water Shrew Echolocates like Dolphins and Bats

Water Shrew Whiskers - they echolocate like Dolphins and Bats

Water Shrew Foot

Water Shrew Foot with "Special Weblike Hairs"

Water Shrew Eating Prey

Water Shrew Eating Fish

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Flipper Committed Suicide – “The Cove”

I just watched the award winning movie The Cove. Ric O’Barry was the original trainer on Flipper – Cathy. Ric O'Barry & Flipper - Cathy

Ric O’Barry & Cathy – “Flipper

He would bring down a TV to the dock so  she could watch Flipper. She knew the difference between the 5 dolphins that were used on the show. Flipper created a billion dollar industry and dolphins put into tanks around the world.

Dolphins - SeaWorld

Dolphins - SeaWorld

In Taiji Japan the fisherman bang into the water causing auditory stress to the dolphins, corral them into the lagoon, take some to be sent around the world valued at $150,000 a piece for shows and about 23,000 more are killed and sold as meet at $600 a piece. Ric O’Barry  who feels he in some way created the problem, decided to stop it the day Cathy – Flipper swam into his arms , took a breath and then decided never to breath again. Flipper committed suicide.  Dolphins have control of their breathing which makes them even more intelligent than us. They have the desicion every day to live or die.  Cathy was so sad she would rather die than live in jail all her life.  When you watch the film you’ll see that they always try to save themselves when captured.  They don’t give up.

After her death he went around the world with the mission to free dolphins which are whales. These mammals travel 40 miles a day. They are auditory animals and put our sonar to shame. They have no sense of smell.  They hear the blood coarsing through our veins, our heartbeat, a pregnat womans baby’s heartbeat. Too much noise like in a marine show with the crowd cheering and no place to run  stresses them.

Crowd at a Marine Show - too much noise for whales

Crowd create too much noise for whales - STRESS

They have to feed tagament to the dolphins because they have ulcers.  The movie is so sad I cried so hard when I saw the one dolphin with blood coming out trying to escape and die.

The San Diego Union Tribune reported in March 2007 that the state had retracted a report about the danger of Killer Whales killing someone.  Incidents that have been going on for years with killer whales and their trainers. It’s proof that time and time again these animals are stressed and when an incident occurs they are shipped out to another marine show only to cause incidents again.

Dawn Brancheau - SeaWorld Killer Whale Death

Dawn Brancheau - Her death could have been prevented.

Dawn Brancheau should have never died. It was an accident waiting to happen. Warnings about the danger had been given as far back as 2007. Seaworld should be shut down and the animals released.

This is an interview just the other day with the director of the cove Louis Psihoyos

Louis Psihoyos - Director "The Cove"

Louis Psihoyos - Director "The Cove"

talking about the inhumanity of keeping these animals penned up in a pool. It is inexcusable behavior in the name of profit and greed. If we want to experience animals then lets make sure they live free and have an environment to thrive in.

Learn what’s killing them because its killing us as well. Dolphins are at the same level of food chain as we are.  The amount of mercury they are consuming is toxic. Fisherman eating the meat are getting sick and getting minamata disease. It’s completely ludicrous that Japan considers killing dolphins pest control. They say the dolphins are eating too much fish?  Fisherman are upset.  Can’t they see that they are causing this not dolphins?

Get involved in making a difference.   The Dolphin Project.

Here’s Ric O’Barry on CNN a couple of years ago.  Dolphins are put into a panic state and know they are going to die sometimes for 20 – 30 hours before they are killed.  The noise they make is gut wrenching.

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