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San Diego – The #1 Place to Best Place to Live in America

Okay so we’ve all seen the report.  According the the Harris Survey the #1 best place to live in America is New York.  the #2 best is San Diego.  The #1 worst place to live is New York and the #2 worst place to live is Detroit.  Let’s take a look at that.  New York is the #1 best and #1 worst at the same time.  Sorry but those two negate each other totally.   New York must still be the place of giant overpaid execs (with what money now? – where does it come from now – the same thing as before – the taxpayers!) Big dollars flowing at giant proportions to the next criminals.  The money is flowing so fast that there will be another major blood letting of foreclosures, business failures, local government bankruptcies.

The conclusion of all this is that San Diego is the #1 best place to live.  We need a campaign to prove we are #1.  We want to object to New York being #1.  You New Yorkers need a Marijuana Weekend Retreat.  You Fly here on a Friday – you receive Medical Marijuana in the most luxurious premium Cannabis Herbal kinda way with organic eating, physically luxuriating baths and massages, or in the desert cowboy hippie experiential way.

San Diego brands itself as an equal foursome.  Cowboy| Hippie | Nerd | Surfer Dude.  We challenge NY and encourage people to travel between the two cities and experience the local life.  We in San Diego will serve up the most primo weed in the world in laid back chill cafe’s that keep you connected to the local growers, artists and musicians.  Actually if I owned 7-11’s I have abtotal idea on how to rebrand them and make them the physical communication hub of the community . we are still going to need a central human connection point for validation and exchange of opinions of ideas with the human truth factor (seen and felt in person) .

Commercial Real Estate Space is all about shared retail space.

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My Favorite Magazines

My favorite magazines and in no particular order: Vanity Fair, National Geographic, Rollingstone, Advertising Age, Wired and  High Times.  I like the name Mateo.

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Moths and Mushrooms


Moths the Vampires of Butterflies


Moth the Vampires of Butterflies #2

Okay lets carry on. so i have been fascinated by moths for years. they seemed so nasa and space age like. the wing formations are unbelievable. Moths the most under appreciated species along with mushrooms. evening geniuses. we think we need light. wrong. we need darkness. we need to forge further into the dark. where immensity exists. you must travel into the darkness.

Case Moths

Case Moths

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Trumpet Soul 92116

Trumpet Soul

Trumpet Soul in 92116

Last night I was sitting on my stoop and i heard a trumpet playing the blues. it was dark. the porch light was on and it’s a quiet spring evening. the dogs were happy playing in the garden. the night was calm and you could feel the energy from the garden like an intoxicating spell. i sat on the stoop. then i listened. some distance, i’m not sure how far away, diagonally i think, maybe 300 – 500 feet a very talented trumpet player was making music. i was elated. it was dreamy, soulful, flesh saturation blues that moved you. i banged my hands together at the end of his songs. i wasn’t sure if this would embarass him. me an audience. was he looking just to practice and i interrupted. or was i actually a wanted audience. i decided on the latter. i wanted musicians from the neighborhood to gather and play.

Jimi Hendrix - Master Music Mind

Jimi Hendrix - Master Music Mind

i think this is an ancient ritual that is actually part of our dna. we would pass down history through music which moved our emotions. often feelings are much more intuitive than our 5 senses. they are a much higher level of understanding. if music can make people feel a certain way then they can now understand and there is a connection. there must always be a connection.

21st Century economically healthy tribalism

21st Century Economically Healthy Tribalism

What if decisions were made in the ancient tribal civilizations by those companies who would invest in the sacred keeping of their civilization . to make sure that it was so wealthy in the fact of it’s peoples needing nothing more than what it could provide that they opted in to that society. that’s what society is all about. a society is built on opted in participants. when you lose those participants you lose power . you must own the audience. the one who owns the audience whether it be a politician, media company that will influence the vote

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Jim Ness -Hero

So today I hear this story about an employee of the San Diego Union0 Tribune being trapped in a cave below a trapped man.  On Sunday some spelunkers went down into some caves.  At one point the passageway shrinks to a 9″ chute 12 feet long.  All of a sudden one  of the cavers gets stuck.  He can’t move and to make it worse his weak muscles are letting gravity pull him deeper into trouble.  Jim Ness, the San Diego Union Tribune employee, is stuck behind him.  It’s dark, wet and the temperature is dropping.  Hours go by.  the trapped caver is thinking he’s going to die.  Jim has no options. he can’t push the caver out.  Jim’s hope is in outside help and he has to talk his caving companion off the ledge many times.  Jim is an unsung hero to help his friend get through this ordeal.  Jim Ness – Hero.

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The Oil Spill – Still Not As Bad as Roane County Tennessee in 2008

Gulf Oil Spill

Gulf Oil Spill

Naples, FL

Naples, FL beautiful pristine beaches and amazing marine life

The Oil Spill is making me very sad.  A previous post I did talks about the biggest toxic spill disaster in American history. December 2008 Roane County Tennessee but hardly anyone made mention of it. The post references the Rollingstone article about the toxic coal sludge.  Check it out. The sick part is that it’s the same company that cause the spill as head the mining disaster that killed 26 people- Don Blankenship, Massey Energy.

The fact that it’s spring and all the wildlife will be having offspring is killing me because I can’t do anything about it.  The Gulf already suffered huge losses this year because of the cold weather.  Fishing has been restricted in many areas of Florida because the so many fish a marine life died over the winter.  This would be horrible if this get’s so bad that the Gulf is polluted for years and years and the beautiful pristine beaches that surround the Gulf will be destroyed.

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The Wind Is As Essential As Sunshine

getting out in the fresh air is all about the body and soul getting sunshine as it is experiencing wind.  think of plants. without wind they don’t grow as great as those with wind.  direct open fresh air is as important as sunshine.

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The Glass Shard

Megan Fox Thumb

Megan Fox - Notorious Thumb

Shard of Glass

Shard of Glass

Well my Internet has been out for a week and right now i’m not sure how long until it expires.  i had a big glass shard that has been buried in the side of my finger (thumb) finally come out today.  i knew it was in there because the wound wouldn’t seal up after 4 days. when i banged it onto something i could feel the shard jab deep into my flesh. finally today after cleaning the house and it feeling painful, i was sitting on the step and looked into the cut and saw something shiny, sure enough it was the tip of the glass shard sticking out of the wound. i squeezed the wound and the glass shard squeezed right out of the wound only to stand at attention glistening in the sun. i was so proud that my body expelled this enormous piece of glass on it’s own with no intervention from modern medicine.  and i knew it all along. i had complete faith that my body would get rid of it on its own no matter how painful the waiting would be. don’t get me wrong i was tempted a couple of times to go and have them open it up and pull the shard out. i would become somewhat panicky when thoughts of it moving into my bloodstream and surfing towards my heart crossed my mind. then i would remind myself of how big this piece of shard must be. surely too large to travel through a blood vessel .. or, well?  i would let those thoughts pass.

yeah i know you’re wondering why i didn’t take a picture of the glass shard that lived inside my body for four days.  it was weird. i thought about running inside and grabbing my phone to take a picture. but then i just kept staring at it standing up tall half way out of my thumb. there was a sense of nature acknowledging it’s power. keep it strong, keep it silent, the truth needs no promotion.

Like shooting a pea, I flung the glass shard off into the garden.

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The next terrorist works in corporate America

The next terrorism act will be with communications or electricity. The terrorists probably work for corporate America and have access to computer systems. You need to have cash and gold or silver because electronic data when wiped out is gone.

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the Hemingway Diet

I remember things so much better when I have physical movement in the remembering of that thought or information.  I have written volumes but i’m about to reduce it down to the hemingway diet.  you get a stairmaster, a library card and you check out a hemingway book , read while exercising 45 minutes a day, get a new book, keep reading and do this diligently, daily.

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