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Jim Ness -Hero

So today I hear this story about an employee of the San Diego Union0 Tribune being trapped in a cave below a trapped man.  On Sunday some spelunkers went down into some caves.  At one point the passageway shrinks to a 9″ chute 12 feet long.  All of a sudden one  of the cavers gets stuck.  He can’t move and to make it worse his weak muscles are letting gravity pull him deeper into trouble.  Jim Ness, the San Diego Union Tribune employee, is stuck behind him.  It’s dark, wet and the temperature is dropping.  Hours go by.  the trapped caver is thinking he’s going to die.  Jim has no options. he can’t push the caver out.  Jim’s hope is in outside help and he has to talk his caving companion off the ledge many times.  Jim is an unsung hero to help his friend get through this ordeal.  Jim Ness – Hero.


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