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Jesse James’ Dominatrix – Michelle McGhee

jesse james - michelle mcghee

Jesse James' Dominatrix

Holy Shit!  I just saw a picture of this woman that Jesse James was banging.   This picture is so fuckin awesome in a “supreme dominatrix god-like” way – I’ve never seen anything like it.  The encounters with this woman must be mind blowing.   She has got to emotionally fuck  you like you’ve never been fucked before (physically).  The secretions your brain lets out during an experience like this must be like no other drug.  This is role playing on the highest level.  This is beyond mere physical pleasures.  This is pure  mind fucking.  Do they have weekend getaway Master-Slave encounter packages?


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Does a thought leave a carbon footprint?

Oh yeah so a bowl full of Green Crack later I’m enjoying the twitter prose of @dannydanko and realizing how much I miss the power of the word and especially the written word. Authors full of notepads with page after page of voracious outpourings of words from their brains. Or sometimes the empty notebooks longing for some covering ink to hide the pain of a glaring exposed blank page.


Our Laws Need To Be Written On Something Permanent

Then came the thought about laws and how they’re recorded. Most of the history of civilizations we have learned the most about had it written in stone. Yes, literally stone. Even after global warmings and shifts in nature we can uncover hidden civilizations and their history because they left their story. Then in the dark ages and the iron age ( i never could figure out the iron age in history) we didn’t record their history by the written word. We recorded it by the weapons/tools they created because they were illiterates and didn’t record things in stone and paper was not a respected record. They lived in the moment because life was hard and all you thought about was survival. Not like in Egyptian times where people had more time to think. The amount of thinking time versus survival time in a culture is in proportion to it’s success and longevity.

Religion seems to surpass the need for something to be written but then you rely on the word of followers who give their own spin. the only thing that doesn’t require recording is the real truth of the universe. Once you have an understanding of what this is you require no physical proof. Understanding which is intangible is realized.

Very few people are enlightened and therefore you need a society with laws. Recently (300 years or so, actually much longer) we have been writing laws on paper. For the most part paper is a very week physical representation for societal laws but it’s been working, animal skins lasted slightly longer. What happens now when paper is no longer used? I want to know that important parts of civilization are permantly recorded and can be instantly accessed. Like human DNA which tells a great biologic history. I want to know about human events and life. It could all be gone because none of it is put on permanent chips or something. Actually the answer lies deep with us. there is a tiny micro atom (name not discovered yet) that houses all information about the universe past and present material and (wait a minute, does a thought leave a carbon footprint?). This is the same energy unit that the Bhagavad gita talked about. This micro atom is indestructible and enters a life form for a period of time. The human body on earth is ore of a delight because they are a bit closer to who they are but still not even close. They do inhabit most life forms to some degree they are like worker ants to the queen bee. they inhabit life forces to send back information to the main intelligence which is actually nonexistent and cycles back to the inhabitants. That’s why the universe is limitless. It’s like a fat person. the body will keep building an an infrastructure to house the bigger body and the support systems necessary to support it. in the natural world certain bodily functions give out, in the universal world they can’t they are too smart and too powerful.

Anyway i want to talk to and meet the unbelievable writers of today. i want to meet you in a medical marijuana collective where we are free. That’s kinda why i don’t want marijuana legalized, i like the “very few restrictions” it has now. Its like it left up to the locals to duke it out on a local level without big government interfering. The problem is it doesn’t have much money behind it at a local level, you don’t have cool dispensaries with a cool clientele that is proud to be a member, everything has to be kept too hush hush and it doesn’t allow for social aggregating and communing ideas, art, poetry, writing. Can you imagine cannabis bars like in amsterdam along adams ave. in san diego – totally cool as hell. that’s how older cities like brooklyn and detroit and buffalo will rebound. allow the consumption of cannabis, grow the greatest strains and lure the artists. make it cool to live there because of the freedom of expression.. it’s the 60’s all over but this time the 1Numbers are armed with the wisdom and knowledge of those 60′ folks the baby boomers. they totally connect to the baby boomers. the twenty somethings are an awesome generation of free thinkers who are restudying the cores of the american constitution. they’ve seen more immigrants than back in the late 18oo’s early 1900’s think about that.

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National Health Care is a Good Start – Then Turn It Over to the States

Sexy Shaun White Exemplary 20 Something

Sexy Shaun White Exemplary "20 Something"

I would like to have a club that only allowed people aged 20 – 28 and 48 – 65.  These two generations are almost identical and could really learn from one another.  They share the same ideals and beliefs before consumerism took over. The kids (I’ll call them kids and it’s by no means derogatory) are bringing back 60’s and 70’s music, culture and politics.  Outwardly focused agenda’s versus the Me, Mine focused agenda’s of the 80’s and 90’s.  These two groups could be very powerful together.  The 20 Somethings were 50/50 McCain – Obama until McCain chose Palin.  They’re too smart for that.  They understand a puppet candidate versus someone at least slightly better than that.  The 20 Somethings fled toward Obama but now that he’s actually been elected and 25% of his contract is done they’re like, wow not much has changed (except this week with health care – that may have been the defining move in his Presidency.  If they write up Health Care with future power turned over to the states as I’ve outlined below he could be a hero.  Yes welcome to our political system.

The best answer to a government by the people is to keep it Local and keep it Small.  That’s why the founding fathers wanted the power to be with the towns and cities within the states.  That’s why they wanted more control by the states so the federal government would not be powerful.  It would merely moderate disputes according to the constitution.  Other than than a moderating entity the federal government was not to have power.

Think about it.  How awesome would it be for individual states to be graded and judged according to how it was to live there and what freedoms you had.  States would become cool to live in for more reasons than just taxes.  Rarely are states talked about in terms of the liberties you get by living there.  I actually don’t have a problem with healthcare for everyone.  I’d like to live in a culture where living healthy was a priority and encouraged.  Protecting the environment was encouraged.  But I don’t need a law mandating where money goes. I want to choose things that I feel are important, not my government. It’s my money.  I could agree to pay a certain amount of my income to causes I believed in.  I, on my taxes could check off where I wanted the money to go.  If I wanted health insurance I would check that off and my money could go there.  I would live in a state where I shared the same beliefs as others.  This is not like a cult or monochromatic.  Quite the opposite.  I want to live in a diverse community where people believe in many different things openly and with zeal but people are not hated for it, the culture would be one of respect for individualism and encouraged.

I want California to be the first state to legalize marijuana and not for the usual reasons people think.  I want California to legalize it #1 because it’ an expensive mistake the government made when they decided to prohibit it much like they did in the 20’s and 30’s with alcohol.  It could actually be an incredible viable industry and a product like wine, which California has a reputation for having the best in the world.  It’s natural, organic and provides pleasure.

#2 It sets the message that the power can go back to the states.  If the states feel that something  at a federal level is a huge mistake they can disagree and have different laws.  Marijuana for example.  Right now states are trying to do this with health care but I think this is a mistake.  It would take too long to have 50 states come up with state health plans, get them drawn up, voted on – agreed upon.  It would be a disaster.  At this point we need a national plan.  Going forward however, power regarding health, should then be turned over to the states as they become more prepared to handle it.

Back to the older part of the post…

Not only has nothing happened but we’re in another war – Afghanistan?  A country that has taken down anyone who attempts to get past it’s impenetrable mountain borders. Then you ask all this for what?? Shaun White.


Baby Boomers Reborn "The Boomerangs - RG's"

They are disgusted with our foreign policy agenda.  They don’t understand why we are invading other countries and brutalizing their citizens.  Those that are in the military had no choice.  There are no jobs and it’s the only way they  have a chance at making some money and maybe a career. They have been manipulated by the government and media that you have courage and greatness when you are a soldier.  The country loves you no matter what kind of person you are.  You are a glorified Army Ant.  Nothing more nothing less.  Army Ant.

Army Ant

Army Ant, No It's Not Heroic

The 20 Somethings have less ego like those of the 60’s.  They love freedom and individualism.  I just wish they would take up much more strongly the fact that our government killed 3,ooo plus citizens on 911.  They should be storming the white house, holding marches and demanding answers.  These crimes have to stop against the American people all in the name of security.

I’m worried I’m so shocked and outraged that I have to leave this country but to where?  or holy shit you 20 Somethings find the truth and punish.  But there is no  media  money anymore to have real unbiased journalism.  It doesn’t exist.  the only model that can exist is on the spot reporters who gain points with relevancy and immediacy.   They don’t get caught with bogus reports.   I’m not sure this pay model can profit without hiring immigrants at the street level.

Is, 911 a lie?

Question Everything.

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Ben Franklin Is My Hero

founding fathers

Founding Fathers

More and more I’m becoming interested in the founding fathers.  They were geniuses and built the modern world.  Kind of like a Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, not technology but civilizations.  Geniuses to build a civilization.  Every era has it’s group that builds an incredible empire and puts humanity on a level of high supreme being standards.

The likes of what build Egypt, Greece, Incas, Aztecs, Mayans.  I leave out the Romans because to some degree they were too barbaric to qualify.

I’m going to study Benjamin Franklin, the founding fathers and study the constitution.  I’d like to have a show where I talk to attorneys who specialize in constitutional law.   They could give tips as to how to legally fight the oppressive government we have today.  I’d like the Libertarian party to push the study and following of the founding fathers.  Expose their genius.  Expose the corruption in their genius that plagues the Masons now.  Now the Masons are out of control.  Thank George Herbert Walker Bush and his posse Cheney, et al.  The founding fathers would never have blown up 3,000 people like the Bush Posse did on 911.  Brutality and war were to be avoided unless personal rights were violated.  That is what they fought for.  They didn’t fight for power or greed.  They believed in the right of the individual.  If you look at where we are now versus the late 1700’s we are no longer the people or government that we were.

Franklin was the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and published the first Masonic book in America. Was also a member of Sir Francis Dashwood’s Hell Fire Club, along with the Collins family of Satanists. Both Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were members of this purely Satanic group who practiced satanic sexual occult

Initial estimates are that the bones are about 200 years old and were buried at the time Franklin was living in the house, which was his home from 1757 to 1762, and from 1764 to 1775. Most of the bones show signs of having been dissected, sawn or cut. One skull has been drilled with several holes. Paul Knapman, the Westminster coroner, said yesterday: “One cannot totally discount the possibility of a crime. There is still a possibility that I may have to hold an inquest.” Ten Bodies Found Under Ben Franklin’s Home

Freemason women are the purveyors of “Literacy Societies”.  Pushing literacy.  The powerful are in libraries. They have been found in Literacy Societies since the 1700’s.

I want to tell the story of the women involved with freemasons and perpetuating the culture.

The United States was actually born on my birthday.   I’d like July 4th to be moved to March 1st – the official date.  The United States of America was actually formed on March 1, 1781 with the adoption of The Articles of Confederation by Maryland whose delegates delayed its ratification over a western border dispute with Virginia and New York.

The First president of the United States was not Washington it was Samuel Huntington. The ratification occurred during the term of Samuel Huntington who served as President from September 28, 1779 to July 6, 1781. Consequently, Samuel Huntington was the first President of the United States in Congress Assembled. The 1st President of the United States

‘Rite of the Mystic Tie’ I wonder if this involves cannabis sativa.

Note: Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew Cannabis sativa (marijuana) on their plantations. (2201 Fascinating Facts by David Lewis, Greenwich House pg. 46) See Also: The Hemp Conspiracy

1791 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dies.. Some say murdered by the masons for revealing Masonic secrets in his opera The Magic Flute. Confirmed Mason (Born In Blood, John J. Robinson, pg. 177)

I’d like to learn more about John Paul Jones, Scottish born naval hero.  I’m Scottish and I’ve never heard of all this world power they had with the Freemasons and all.  I need to learn some Scottish history.

I think Oprah Winfrey just might be the first black woman outside of the “family” and with no blood who may actually be a peripheral member.  Her power is enormous and can’t be overlooked by those most powerful.  She has too much money.  A very cool dynamic to through into the mix.  Kind of like a Power Hungry Cleopatra.  Oprah is the modern day Cleopatra.

Off topic.  I’ve never seen a video of someone “Making Love” to someone.  Never.  Only horrible sex videos where not one element revolves around love.  How sad.  I would be very interested in watching a very sexual video of two people “making love”.  I’d like to see what it’s like to have a deep, spiritual love with someone instead of carnal sex that is very disconnected from the actual person.  When we watch a great movie we learn about intense relationships people have but we don’t get to see the sexual part of the relationship.  In porn we see the sex but not the relationship part.  That’s why we’re all cheating and unsatisfied.  We don’t know how to make love and tap into the love energy experienced physically.

Read Samuel Adams biography.

I would like a search tool that when i search for something in history that there are layers that can tell me what they wore, what they ate, what things looked like and how they were built, language, customs, foods, medicines, news, crime, sexuality, music, poetry, writing, art, scandals, theater, entertainment.

History with perspective, viewpoints, 360 of what was going on at the time, influencing factors on events. For example I did not know that Napoleon and Jefferson were contemporaries.  I never saw it from that perspective.  I had all history in silos.  There was no interconnectivity.  There was no such thing as actions have consequences – cause-effect.

1832 It all began at Yale. General William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft put together a super secret society for the elite children of the Anglo-American Wall Street banking establishment. Skull and Bones. William Huntington Russell’s step-brother Samuel Russell ran “Russell & Co.”, the world’s largest OPIUM smuggling operation in the world at the time. Alphonso Taft is the Grandfather of our ex-president Howard Taft, the creator of the Forerunner to the United Nations. skull_and_bones.htm

1849. October, 7. Edgar Allan Poe was murdered by a blow to the head.. Poe was exposing the Mason’s through many of his short stories. It was inevitable that Poe would not only run afoul of the festering secret society’s but end a victim of their ‘arguments’. He was not a passive recipient, and he did his best to immortalize a searing indictment in Masonry in at least four of his short stories.

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Inca Warrior

Inca Warrior

The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa

Miss Poodle Dog

Miss Poodle Dog - listen with Bob Dylan's "Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat"

Amphibian Love

Amphibian Love

my best feature - my eyebrows

Yes it's true. Are these incredible eyebrows!





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You Can Test Positive For Drugs If You Drink Water

drugs in our drinking water

Turn on the Drugs!

Yes if you drink tap water you are much more likely to test positive for drugs.  This can affect your chances of being hired, getting insurance and much more.  It is a proven fact that our water systems are polluted with drugs.  With the billions of tons of drugs injested in the United States all of those toxins are being flushed out of our bodies into the environment for exposure to everyone including plants and animals.

Drugs in the Drinking Water

You can test positive for drugs if you drink water. That's everyone ... right?!

The laws need to be changed to protect the innocent.  Stop drug testing employees.  The environment is polluting our bodies and these tests are inaccurate.

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Pink Floyd – I Get You Now

I am so in the mood for Pink Floyd. So 30 or plus years later here I am able to instantly download the entire album of “The Dark Side of the Moon” in a minute or so right where I was sitting. Melted into my leather couch after some premium Green Crack and Chardonnay.

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moom

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd was too much for me when I was younger. It seemed heavy and burdensome and tugging on the heart. I wanted to be lifted. To be set free. But I knew others who melted back into the room on a lazy high school afternoon with fear of being caught constantly in the air. Listening to Pink Floyd made me feel lonely. disconnected, self conscious, brooding . I didn’t enjoy feeling like that. My spirit was fragile. much more fragile as i think about it now than i ever realized. we always talk about being tough enough but we never acknowledge that a spirit is fragile and must be nourished with constant love. Any disconnecting is traumatic. Love has to be pushed out to be effective. We have to teach ourselves to channel negative energy, burn it up and reconfigure it to be something different, positive. It cannot be housed in. You must push it out with great organic enthusiasm “with god”. Let Love Flow but start the Lava Love Flow With Your Thoughts.

Bad or good thoughts produce bad or good matter. thoughts of health get us too eat healthy which transforms into good productive matter versus bad unproductive matter. Unproductive matter is that which provides less benefit than its cost of continuing.

The bottom line is the same thing great successful people have been telling us for centuries and we have been ignoring You Are What You Think About

Cosmic Lava.

I admire Andrew Carnegie

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Chickens Can No Longer Walk

chickens are abused, hormones, chemicals

Chickens are abused with hormones and chemicals and we are being poisoned

I’m totally freaked out right now.  I bought some skinless, boneless chicken thighs for my dogs at Von’s today.  They eat chicken and rice for dinner.  So when I opened the package of chicken thighs I pulled the first thigh out and noticed that it completely covered my hand.  I have big hands and this thigh was so enormous it completely covered my hand.  I noticed that the flesh seemed unusually tender in a weird,” it feels like I can’t touch it” way.  I also noticed that the smell was different – forced fake chemically enhanced no-smell scent.  There was no doubt in my mind that this was a chemically enhanced piece of flesh.

I was nauseated at the thought of these chickens being pumped with chemicals and hormones to the point where they could only sit in their feces and wait to die.  We’ve all seen the videos of the chickens with their breasts being so enhanced they can’t walk.  It’s the whole body including the thighs that enslave them to their body weight.  They can’t move.  At ages when they are babies they are at least triple the size of adult chicken.  You don’t need to provide an open range.  They can’t  walk even if they were free.

Hormonally enhanced chicken thighs

6 3/4" x 4" Hormonally Enhanced Jumbo Chicken Thighs

These were seriously freaky JUMBO thighs.  I cooked the meat and when I took it out and cut it up for my dogs it seemed so fake and it was a tendery-rubbery kind of consistency.  There was no smell and I’m sure there was no taste.  I have to find a good vegetarian diet for my dogs.  I really don’t eat meat.  I do cook chicken for my dogs and felt bad that I was doing so but didn’t know of an alternative.  I’m going to do some research on vegetarian dog diet and I’ll keep you posted.

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Warning – The Credit Bureau Is Evil!

Credit Bureaus are Evil,

Credit Bureaus Sell Your Information and Violate Your Right to Privacy

Every time you have your credit report run your rights are violated!  It’s like you’re checking in with Big Brother and voluntarily giving him all of your personal information.  Everything – where you work, where you live, how much you make, what kind of car you drive, your driver’s license number, references, phone numbers, email address. Companies like makes tons off money from supposedly “helping” you.  Wrong.  That information is valuable and they are selling you out.

The Credit Bureaus do not keep this information private and in fact sell it out to anyone  who wants to pay them for the information/subscribe.  We need to demand that if a credit check is required to make a purchase, get a loan, whatever, we can select a private agency who is certified to provide a rating where everything is kept private.  I do not want to voluntarily tell the whole world everything about me.  This should be more disturbing to people and I don’t understand how we allow it to happen with no resistance.

We need to fight back and demand our privacy.  Just because you can get information faster and cheaper than ever before doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to keep all personal and financial information private.

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Early Oscar Review – Steve Martin Commits Suicide

Loved the top actors being recognized at the beginning but like Kate Hepburn said “just read the words”.  It’s the script baby.  It’s all in the script.  The people who actually create the material they’re not recognized nearly enough. Dancing review at the beginning.  Very bold but Neil Patrick Harris didn’t have the pipes to pull it off.  Is Jackie Gleason back in vogue!

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris love him but doesn't have the chops.

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin make you smile when you just look at them.  How can you not be off to a good start with that.  God I love Meryl Streep – so flirty, sexy.  She has the record for the most ongoing sexy actress.  It’s in her flirtiness.  It consumes you with a good feeling and you want more of it.  There is something enjoyable about seeing actors squirm in their seats not knowing if they’ll be the butt of a joke.  Ouch Toyota jokes.  He got pissed at that last joke.  Yeah the jig is up.  This technique is bombing.  People are having to think way too much.

Steve Martin Oscar Death

Steve Martin Commits Oscar Suicide

Finally what we’ve been asking for.  A stand up show prior to the boring award’s show. I don’t get the Hitler memorabilia joke.  Did the show just jump the shark?  I think it did.  Everything’s more forced now.  Wow a poor black child joke – way too risky.  It’s getting tense in there.  It’s bombing and I thought it was going to be off to a great start.

The stars get their name shouted out, the camera zooms in and you see them instantly lose their smile.  You feel the FEAR.  It’s painful to watch.  Jeff Bridges is the most relaxed because he probably does weed and yoga.  He’s smart he was brought up in this business and knows how to deal with assholes.   George  Clooney is visibly pissed off and the mood has turned negative.

George Clooney - The Last Movie Star

You Pissed Off the "Last Movie Star" George Clooney

The verdict.  You can’t do a stand up show at an awards ceremony.  It is what it is.  A boring recognition ceremony and the only one’s who care are the ones who have won the award.  It never will be anything different so all we can do is have entertainment shows that discuss what they’re wearing.  So why not make a week of pr-Oscars that is all about Fashion and Merchandising.  People are always looking for a vehicle to sell more “stuff”.  Enough already.  Keep it simple. Pretty cool how they had all the John Hughes amazing actors he launched through his films.  Quite an enterprise that resulted from him seeing their talent.

Any form of thanking a spouse or loved one should be banned from acceptance speeches unless you are willing to fork over 50% of everything you have once you start earning all the big bucks.  If your relationship is rocky to begin with and you think mentioning them in front of billions is going to save it – you’re wrong.  You will start earning big bucks, you’ll be looking at better opportunities, you’ll ditch the bitch/bastard and they’ll take everything you have.   So stop the shout outs to anyone not involved in the movie production.

Don’t start an award by giving the definition of a word.  Already we’ll know we have no fucking idea what this award or movie is about.

Dude don’t go on for an eternity and then tell us you’re drawing a blank. Thanks Steve for making fun of that speech. That’ll really set well after the opening jokes.

Queen Latifah can I roll around in bed with you.

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah so hot and sexy.

I am in love with Penelope Cruz’s boyfriend, Javier Bardem.

Loved the standing “O” for Mo’Nique.

I’m not fond of “God Bless” being used in speeches.  It’s a blessing that’s open for debate.  It’s not a final saying it’s the beginning of a discussion.

Why do I know so little about Jon Landau the true genius behind Avatar?

Yes I do love listening to Morgan Freeman’s voice.  Soothing.  Calming.  Relaxing.  I love the spoken word all by itself.  Undressed upon your lips.

How could I not know more of Kathryn Bigelow? An incredible movie, The Hurt Locker, smart, sexy, talented, visionary shame on me!!

John Travolta we empathize with your pain.  You’ve been a decent guy to us giving us likable mini heroes we could believe in.

Very weird that people winning Oscars for Avatar aren’t thanking James Cameron.  Is it because he’s a dick?

James Taylor

James Taylor, what an incredible obit honor

For as lame as the opening Jackie Gleason dance was I did enjoy the somewhat ballet dance and African/modern street dance. I think we need to get back to the written, spoken word without images, only those we make in our mind and classic dance and music to soothe the soul.

Yes James Cameron does look quite a bit like a Lesbian Pottery Teacher.

James Cameron Lesbian Pottery Teacher

James Cameron Lesbian Pottery Teacher

The Cove won the Oscar. I’m a big proponent. See my post: “Flipper Committed Suicide”.

Yeah Argentina.  How come we know nothing about you.  In fact we know nothing about South America.  Why?  I guess that’s a whole other story.

Kathy Bates we love you as a natural woman with amazing acting ability.  Earthy, dirt between your teeth type characters.  No pressure to look your best.  Your dress was cool but kill the fluffy curls.  You’re not a fluffy curl kinda gal.

Kathy Bates in a hottub

Kathy Bates - No Hype Needed - Genuine Actor

George Clooney you need to come down off your self.
I wish Colin Farrell didn’t read off the prompter. He’s much better from the heart.

Congratulations Jeff Bridges. You’re cool and talented end your wife is beautiful.

I’m glad Sandra Bullock won but I’m still not fond of her husband Jesse James. I think she can do much better.  Okay too much of a pre-planned speech.

How sad that after all of these years a woman has never won best director?  The time is now.  My fingers are crossed.  And the winner is…. Kathryn Bigelow – Very Exciting!!!!! A little weird on the speech though, are you going to crumble any minute, relax you totally earned it.  It made me understand a warrior much more than I ever did.

The Hurt Locker deserved to win.  Hollywood likes stories not just special effects.

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