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Mungheaver and Alleviating Marijuana Insomnia


Definition of Mungheaver

How the hell did I come across this definition?  Do I really want to know what the definition is and even more importantly wow does this really exist?  It was in the Urban Dictionary.

Hey by the way… I have been experiencing pure insomnia.  When I close my eyes my eyeball muscles can’t relax and it keeps me awake even though my eyes are closed and I’m exhausted.  Also my vision was totally blurry and the frontal lobe of my brain was feeling electrically charged with no off button.  It was freaking me out and causing major concern all week.  I didn’t want  to give up the positive effects the marijuana was providing me (no night sweats, no menopause symptoms, less pms, general well being and not as depressed). The down side is I was having major insomnia and excitability in the frontal brain along with total loss of memory if I had any MJ at all.  I could watch TV shows 2 and 3 times Glenn Close Damagesand it would be like watching for the first time, every time.  I didn’t like that part of it.  On the other hand I fill out journal after journal with thoughts that seem so fuckin awesome at the time, and a few of them are actually good ideas when I’m sober the next day.

Marijuana Insomnia

Marijuana Insomnia

I always enjoyed Auntie Dolores Brownies and got a good night sleep every time.  Since I started smokin more I noticed the jumpy eyes and insomnia.  So I decided to make my own tincture.  I had bought some locally but it was made with glycerin and I spent $80 for total crap that did nothing for me.  I searched the Internet and found a recipe.  I took 1/4 oz. of Green Crack, baked for 4 minutes @ 325 and then put it in 151 Trader Vic’s Rum and cooked in a pyrex measuring glass at 150 – 165 degrees for 20 minutes.   I did let it boil at one time rather rapidly and the temperature went above 180.  I tried some ,1/2 teaspoon and then another.  The feeling takes 1- 1 1/2 hours to feel but it’s much more body and chakra focused and calming and less other stuff.  I say other stuff because I’m thinking that when you smoke MJ you are getting things in the body that are bad and are eliminated when ingested.  Even though it takes longer and requires more base product it’s better for you.  If they would allow more experimentation with the plant and flower we could really come up with a perfect dosage solution for each ailment.


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