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Flipper Committed Suicide – “The Cove”

I just watched the award winning movie The Cove. Ric O’Barry was the original trainer on Flipper – Cathy. Ric O'Barry & Flipper - Cathy

Ric O’Barry & Cathy – “Flipper

He would bring down a TV to the dock so  she could watch Flipper. She knew the difference between the 5 dolphins that were used on the show. Flipper created a billion dollar industry and dolphins put into tanks around the world.

Dolphins - SeaWorld

Dolphins - SeaWorld

In Taiji Japan the fisherman bang into the water causing auditory stress to the dolphins, corral them into the lagoon, take some to be sent around the world valued at $150,000 a piece for shows and about 23,000 more are killed and sold as meet at $600 a piece. Ric O’Barry  who feels he in some way created the problem, decided to stop it the day Cathy – Flipper swam into his arms , took a breath and then decided never to breath again. Flipper committed suicide.  Dolphins have control of their breathing which makes them even more intelligent than us. They have the desicion every day to live or die.  Cathy was so sad she would rather die than live in jail all her life.  When you watch the film you’ll see that they always try to save themselves when captured.  They don’t give up.

After her death he went around the world with the mission to free dolphins which are whales. These mammals travel 40 miles a day. They are auditory animals and put our sonar to shame. They have no sense of smell.  They hear the blood coarsing through our veins, our heartbeat, a pregnat womans baby’s heartbeat. Too much noise like in a marine show with the crowd cheering and no place to run  stresses them.

Crowd at a Marine Show - too much noise for whales

Crowd create too much noise for whales - STRESS

They have to feed tagament to the dolphins because they have ulcers.  The movie is so sad I cried so hard when I saw the one dolphin with blood coming out trying to escape and die.

The San Diego Union Tribune reported in March 2007 that the state had retracted a report about the danger of Killer Whales killing someone.  Incidents that have been going on for years with killer whales and their trainers. It’s proof that time and time again these animals are stressed and when an incident occurs they are shipped out to another marine show only to cause incidents again.

Dawn Brancheau - SeaWorld Killer Whale Death

Dawn Brancheau - Her death could have been prevented.

Dawn Brancheau should have never died. It was an accident waiting to happen. Warnings about the danger had been given as far back as 2007. Seaworld should be shut down and the animals released.

This is an interview just the other day with the director of the cove Louis Psihoyos

Louis Psihoyos - Director "The Cove"

Louis Psihoyos - Director "The Cove"

talking about the inhumanity of keeping these animals penned up in a pool. It is inexcusable behavior in the name of profit and greed. If we want to experience animals then lets make sure they live free and have an environment to thrive in.

Learn what’s killing them because its killing us as well. Dolphins are at the same level of food chain as we are.  The amount of mercury they are consuming is toxic. Fisherman eating the meat are getting sick and getting minamata disease. It’s completely ludicrous that Japan considers killing dolphins pest control. They say the dolphins are eating too much fish?  Fisherman are upset.  Can’t they see that they are causing this not dolphins?

Get involved in making a difference.   The Dolphin Project.

Here’s Ric O’Barry on CNN a couple of years ago.  Dolphins are put into a panic state and know they are going to die sometimes for 20 – 30 hours before they are killed.  The noise they make is gut wrenching.

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Ellen DeGeneres is the new Blond Smurf!

Wow American Idol has totally jumped the Shark.  Ellen DeGeneres looks like a blond smurf and is totally bland.

Ellen DeGeneres Blond Smurf

Ellen DeGeneres Blond Smurf

It’s ridiculous and contrived how they comment on the singers.  It basically jumped the shark with Ruben but even more so when they brought in Kara and starting phasing out Paula.  Big mistake to get rid of Paula.

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Nothing is Harder Than a Skater’s ASS.

Hot Male Skating Ass

Hot Male Ass

mmmmhhhh so maybe rather than exercising I can go skate and get that incredibly hard fuckin ass of a skater – Where are the skating rinks?

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How Come Head Skis Have Not Been Ridiculed

So how come “Head” Skis have survived all these years without ridicule.  I find that incredibly interesting or it tells us that ski brands mean absolutely nothing to most of us and therefore it should cost close to nothing to advertise.

Head Skis

Head Come Ride With Us

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Mungheaver and Alleviating Marijuana Insomnia


Definition of Mungheaver

How the hell did I come across this definition?  Do I really want to know what the definition is and even more importantly wow does this really exist?  It was in the Urban Dictionary.

Hey by the way… I have been experiencing pure insomnia.  When I close my eyes my eyeball muscles can’t relax and it keeps me awake even though my eyes are closed and I’m exhausted.  Also my vision was totally blurry and the frontal lobe of my brain was feeling electrically charged with no off button.  It was freaking me out and causing major concern all week.  I didn’t want  to give up the positive effects the marijuana was providing me (no night sweats, no menopause symptoms, less pms, general well being and not as depressed). The down side is I was having major insomnia and excitability in the frontal brain along with total loss of memory if I had any MJ at all.  I could watch TV shows 2 and 3 times Glenn Close Damagesand it would be like watching for the first time, every time.  I didn’t like that part of it.  On the other hand I fill out journal after journal with thoughts that seem so fuckin awesome at the time, and a few of them are actually good ideas when I’m sober the next day.

Marijuana Insomnia

Marijuana Insomnia

I always enjoyed Auntie Dolores Brownies and got a good night sleep every time.  Since I started smokin more I noticed the jumpy eyes and insomnia.  So I decided to make my own tincture.  I had bought some locally but it was made with glycerin and I spent $80 for total crap that did nothing for me.  I searched the Internet and found a recipe.  I took 1/4 oz. of Green Crack, baked for 4 minutes @ 325 and then put it in 151 Trader Vic’s Rum and cooked in a pyrex measuring glass at 150 – 165 degrees for 20 minutes.   I did let it boil at one time rather rapidly and the temperature went above 180.  I tried some ,1/2 teaspoon and then another.  The feeling takes 1- 1 1/2 hours to feel but it’s much more body and chakra focused and calming and less other stuff.  I say other stuff because I’m thinking that when you smoke MJ you are getting things in the body that are bad and are eliminated when ingested.  Even though it takes longer and requires more base product it’s better for you.  If they would allow more experimentation with the plant and flower we could really come up with a perfect dosage solution for each ailment.

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Marijuana Test vs. Chemical Test

Hey wait a minute if you are going to test people for marijuana because it’s illegal supposedly because of bad effects on human beings than how come there is no test for chemicals in our bodies that come from the environment and affect our bodies and brain?  The poisons big corporations injected into our bodies to make a profit.  No one ever talks about testing for those.  The poisons we’ve ingested because we were told they were “healthy”.  P.S. On a side note… riding a motorcycle through Pelican Bay and Old Naples is very relaxing.  You just wish you could ride forever that way.  It would be cool to have a dirt well groomed motorcycle only trail through the Everglades with a stop off night spot in the middle.  A really cool Biker/Indian sweat lodge, peace pipe smoking meeting thang .  back to old Indian ways.

The Everglades is Very Wet.

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It’s Not About Global Warming – It’s About Poisoning Our Planet

Look everyone, you’ve got to stop focusing on global warming.  Scientifically your argument makes no sense.  The Earth has had major traumatic climate changes that dramatically change ecosystems and biology on the planet.  Major temperature changes that crush the measly temperature numbers you talk about.  The changes happen because of the sun and gravity and tilting planets.  And try as we may, man cannot control these changes.  We are not that powerful and that is why we are freaking out.  We are realizing that we may actually have an end.  No more humans.  Like other animals before us.  Each has had their time and then become extinct.  I suppose we should examine more closely species that have been around millions of years.  Its not about expanding it’s about surviving as a species.  As a species will we survive all changes. I guess those most off the grid and self sufficient will thrive.

Forget focusing on temperature we have no control over the major tilt change our planet experiences.  What we do have control over is the toxicity of the planet we live on.  Are we polluting ourselves to death, killing ourselves over toxins and poisons we put in our environment.

Bill Gates is in Antarctica.  He left technology to save the planet.  I think he deserves more focus.  Frankly I’m kinda sick of Apple.  Yes you have a hook through my nose and I’m addicted to you.  But I’m not feeling so good any more.  I’m needing a change from my self indulgent apple ways.  I’m thinking I need to go more Bill Gates style.  I’m really diggin what he’s doing for our planet.  We need to get behind a great human being Bill Gates.

Bill Bates - American Icon and Hero of Humanity

I Love Bill Gates - Please People Discover Him!

We are at a technical and spiritual stand still.  We haven’t seen that next, great breakthrough.  No one has replaced the big icons of the 70’s and 80’s during the computer revolution.  The 60’s and early 70’s were filled with dramatic Social Changes and Mores, then in the 70’s things matured and the 80’s came along and it was a technology explosion.  For the first time people were connected electronically and technology brain databases were building.  Everything was being recorded.  All behavior was being monitored.

I think I would like to get back into the business of actual message senders.  If you are legit you send a real person.  We need electronic relationships to demand biologic relationships – direct interaction or it’s not trusted.  Make a big marketing deal out of personal one on one interaction. Have RELATIONSHIP become important again.

So I said I would tell you why I’m not going to buy an apple iPad – Meh!  Who needs it.

P. S. When I’m bubbling I like to hear a smooth baritone.  A well filled bowl speaks well of a host.

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Hang Gliding Through A Marshmallow Cloud Orgasm Analogy

I would like to hang glide through a thick shiny, marshmallowy cloud.  The sun outside is shining brightly on this atomic looking bright white marshmallow cloud, but when you penetrate the outer walls with your hang glider there is no light and it’s cold and visibility is limited.  I would fly through with my hang glider and keep gliding with the wet cold moisture droplets beating against my face.   When I was very cold and  tired it would feel like an orgasm as I came out  the other side of the cloud into the bright warm sunshine.

Hang Gliding Through My Marshmallow CloudOrgasmic

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