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Getting Into Glassware

Even though I enjoy ingesting cannabis it’s very expensive to do it that way.  I normally reserve ingesting for the weekends where I’m looking for a long term feel good and won’t be driving anywhere.  During the week however I smoke it at night.  Since I’m a Born Again Toker “BAT”

batman logo

"Born Again Toker"; BAT

I only have a small water pipe.  So I started looking around the Internet and watched Tang & Chubbs talk about bongs and recommended head shops.

I never imagined I’d be thinking of spending hundreds of dollars on a bong but bongs around now compared to 30 years ago blow my mind.

Roor Bongs

Glorious Glassware for the Ultimate Smoking Pleasure

Here is a video that explains all of the Roor product line.


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How to Cock Block Bad Publicity a la Tiger Woods

Wow perhaps this is one of the most genius PR moves in decades. Leave it to the Billion Dollar Enterprise[ of Tiger Woods to strategically deflect horrible, everlasting bad publicity and the demise of a career by allowing the free flow of information but only about certain topics.Tiger Woods In other words the 14 or so women Tiger had sex with while married were paid off to keep mum on every subject except the size of his penis. All of them were allowed to speak about the almost gargantuan size of his penis and the fact that he was a sensual, romantic lover. Again – Wow… Here’s a man who fucked 14 women (not 1 night stands but actually repeat sex relationships) during the 4 years or so he was married. Does anyone calculate how much sex that is? This man has to be one of the most prolific sexual hunters of all time. He is as good at keeping a harem of women happy as he is talented as a golfer. This man is the envy of every man and the desire of every woman. He is a legend in more ways than one. Will he come out unscathed – absolutely. If he plays it right. With his wife coming back even she realizes how special he is. Even she has to admire how he can keep so many women very happy. Let’s face it he probably keeps her happy and makes her feel good about herself. Women would never speak so highly of Tiger unless (in addition to his big penis & being paid to say so…) unless he had a very emotional connection with them as well. That’s why people love Tiger. Sponsors don’t bail on Tiger we love him. We all want someone to make us feel special. Obviously Tiger does that. I’m totally okay with Tiger and support him.

Wait now I’m changing thought. As amazing as Tiger is if, I’m his wife and I married him, have children, etc. I would expect that he would be faithful and love me. On the other hand I would also be married to him because of the power and perks associated with his success. The understanding that he may occasionally fuck women but would always come home would be understood. What probably freaked her out for her was to hear that these women thought he was such an amazing lover. Once you cross the intimacy line it becomes a ding to the heart. It’s hard to love anyone that dings hearts. You know you will never be the only one and have to share. Very few people are secure enough in their own self to accept a smaller portion of anothers love. You want someone to be totally committed to you. That’s why we are fascinated by Big Love.

big love hbo

polygamy is the new black

Even National Geographic did a cover on it..Hmmm. well maybe we need to realize that these non-traditional families are almost the majority have to be considered as you pass laws. We have to allow nontraditional marriage. Why are the Mormons fighting non-traditional marriage when they should jump on board with gay marriage. Can you imagine an America with Polygamy. I can. I’m as accepting of that and understanding as I am about my desire to have Gay marriage legal. Why are we not of the same philosophy about marriage? They want multiple wives and we want same sex wives/husbands. Freedom to legally connect to another human being shouldn’t be discriminating.

What I’m disgusted about is how John Edwards and now this basketball player are using the “Big Penis Strategy” “BPS” to Cock Block the media. How pathetic. Women will become the power in the 21st century. That will be the most dynamic shift in the history of man. Part of the reason for this happening is because of man. Take for instance the Chinese and their obsession with having a son. They killed off girls and limited the number of children you could have. Now they are plagued with an over abundance of boys and no girls. Girls will have more power . Nature always has more females than males – it’s true for animals and plants. Women provide the diversity of eggs. I think if we took a closer look at eggs versus sperm we would see that egg chromosomes have more diversity than sperm. Therefore it is biologically advantageous to have similar sperm connect with varied eggs. what in the female body and being manifests different eggs , what is it that allows egg cells to be influenced – thought energy that you are feeling. If you think enough about certain things they will happen.

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Marijuana Is The Answer For Menopause

Women in America wake up! There’s a reason why the American Medical Association, AMA has announced that after 72 years it is reversing its pot policy and urged the federal government to do the same.

If you are in the menopause years and are experiencing malaise, weight gain, thinning skin, loss of muscle tone, bloating, hot flashes, depression, memory loss, tiredness, spiritually crossroaded, blah, feeling old, movement is slower, energy is diminished, laughter is hidden, good times seem less, friends seem few, family is not worth getting that upset over any more, job is for what again?, do I need that expensive car?, daily bathing is overrated – it’s not necessary on weekends, some germs are good and help protect me in my diminished and aging immune system state. vision problems – at 40 you start needing glasses,

mr. magoo

eye health is important and marijuana can help

at 50 you can’t read no matter what the fuck you do, you can’t see far, you can’t see near and at times they’re so dry you can’t even get the lids open, By the way as I write this it’s a Sunday afternoon. The Jets are playing Indianapolis for the division title. I’m smokin some Green Ribbon and seriously “feeling” my Sunday afternoon.
Anyway back to my menopause symptom list. As you can see in the previous paragraph getting old sucks big time. Much bigger than I ever anticipated or thought much about. It’s like getting blindsided by a brick. There’s nothing gentle about it. You literally will wake up one day and say “Oh Shit I’m Old!”. And you’ll feel that way as well. Then you wonder what the fuck do I do with my life for the next 50 years and hopefully they’ll ease off on the life extension drugs because the thought of living even longer is like a death sentence to hell. You try to picture yourself at 60 and 70 and you’re totally blind. That’s the problem I have no plan because right now my life feels like I’m sitting atop a kayak on a wavy ocean. I look forward and see little that is positive. But here’s where the wonderful healing powers of Marijuana come in.

Menopause relief

Mary Jane's nugs make me feel good in body, mind and spirit.

Ladies you must get out and start being vocal about the benefits of marijuana. Try it yourself. Sign up with a clinic and get a Medical Marijuana License and then visit your local dispensaries and start feeling the healthful benefits of marijuana. As I write this I think of how many millions of you suffering from the ailments listed above are self medicating with alcohol. Repeated use of alcohol has serious and debilitating evenly deadly side effects with overuse. Marijuana has never been the cause of an overdose or even a death.
Frequent light dosages of marijuana will make you feel like a new woman. Marijuana is very spiritual and heals not superficially but deep within the soul. It is the drug of “Peace”. Much maligned in this day in age but what we all want is the journey towards inner peace. For thousands of years people have known to rely on nature to produce products that when consumed either by eating, applying or inhaling could take mortal man into a very deep journey into the meaning of life. Through our fellow nature we could use them to tell us a story. Each plant tells us a story and exists because it benefits us. Things only exist that provide benefit to something else. If something stops providing benefit nature will let it die. Much like in business. Marijuana’s THC  molecules actually fit perfectly into certain receptors in our brain.  The marriage of the two takes us to something higher, a greater plane of knowledge. The answer is in nature. Most of the man made prescription drugs we have nowadays have terrible side effects. What most people don’t realize is that the side effects are often because of the chemicals that were added to the root base of the drug which was good. The herbal essence base that the drug is found on. What we need to realize is that we can strip those unnecessary, harmful chemicals and go back to the purely natural method of healing. This would keep our Rain Forests from being cut down. The emphasis would be to save the Rain Forests because in their natural state, great natural drugs can be picked and processed naturally to cure many ailments. Imagine the Rain Forests thriving once again and the local natives who live in the forest maintaining their culture yet earning wages because they can farm and harvest the Rain Forests

burning rain forests

Nature has the answer.

for their high performance natural remedies. Success can happen by maintaining nature and doing what is good for man.
Women Speak Up! The AMA is behind you so now they won’t think you’re just a bunch of emotionally lost women who are latching onto a romantic cause they don’t really believe in. This is our chance for Women to have a major impact on something so beneficial to women’s health.
It would be awesome if Rosie O’Donnell

rosie odonnell

we need your support

on the  new XM/Sirius Radio Show supported marijuana use as a natural and safe alternative to pharmaceutical poisons.  Rosie can be huge in helping to build momentum for marijuana being legal. She pushed millions of people in middle America to accept Gays. She can do the same for Marijuana by uniting all women, gay and straight who are middle age and menopausal demanding relief naturally.  More marketing needs to go to mid life women. I feel this segment age wise 45 – 65 is misunderstood and under marketed. We’ll spend money but more socially oriented. We need to start having Medical Marijuana Parties.

I saw

botox is not the way to reward employees

Vicki on the “The Real Housewives of Orange County” give a botox party for her employees. Are you kidding me?! You show a 20-something young man feeling obligated to participate in getting botox,

botox injections

We've been brainwashed to believe POISON is GOOD for US!

rat poison that causes paralysis into his face, head …brain!!  Since when did it become okay in American to inject Rat Poison into your body at work but you can’t get a job if you test positive for herbal marijuana use.  Vicki I urge you to use your powerful motivational skills and business acumen to propel the legalization of marijuana so women may have access to a healthier way of feeling better.

We are a sick culture when we allow chemicals to be injected into our cells daily and ignore nature which beckons our call and screams out one last time to tell us that it’s here on the planet  for a reason.

horeshead nebula

god travels in light. You'll find him there.

By the way… the Jets lost, I ate 2 pre-fab egg/sausage things with Barefoot Bubbly and GrandDaddy Purple and am feelin Sunday fine!!! I thing the term feelin should be defined by a hyper local sensitivity to one’s surroundings resulting in a one-with-nature harmony and peace.  When you look at the amazing galaxy  photos that our traveling telescopes send back you can see and almost feel the inter-connecting energy that light brings among matter.


just randomness……

I need to learn to love more than one.  I’m not the kind of person who can love more than one and it’s ruining my relationships with people.

I wish I had tomorrow off from work.  Mmmmm.  That would be so nice.

My very wet deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean has dried out quite a bit today but it’s still going to be another few days before every thing is really dry.  The surf has really died down.  Even with ear plugs the surf kept pounding the beach all week.  It was obscene.

Long story short about the finches.  4 of them.  Father, male, 2 daughters.  Finches like to live in pairs.  The father has paired with one of his daughters.  the male has somewhat paired with the other daughter but they don’t get along.  The need to biologically procreate is less important than having a partner to share life with.  Biological incest is not as important as pairing.  the harmony you have with another living being.

The smell of an exotic raging nugget of bud is so highly orgasmic.  It’s almost like the brain orgasms upon smell of the bud.  Those THC molecules have landed on your nasal hairs and they are turned on!

nug, marijuana bud / I love Mary Jane's Nugs / Nug Lover

I sometimes think about that statistics professor i had that could remember everybody’s names upon first acknowledgment.  Because he remembered me I remembered him.  that’s always what it’s about.  He’s the kind of professor that even though I was in love with the girl across the hall i could see falling in lust for this bearded, pot smoking, liberal, cordouroy wearing texture rich professor.  He was married but he’d have bonfires at his property.  weed smokin students who were “in” on the fringe side could get access.  thank god i finally fit into something.  the castaway supposedly cool group was sometimes cool to be in.  we smoked a lot of weed in indiana.  everyone was mellow and we were buffered from the tumbling economy. i remember deep fog on a friday afternoon. the sound pounded in my ears and seemed crystal sharp and “touchy”.

Finally realizing i can’t live in the past. I used to be able to live in the future.  So how do I effectively live in the present in a post Deepak Chopra 90’s way? that was 20 years ago, what have we learned? what changes have we made? i say nothing. We let corporate America and the govermnent completely control our money and our lives – all for making money and creating profits.  False profits.

My parents have exit strategies that involve assist.  I give them tremendous admiration for being so well planned as to not burden the family, yet at the same time i am a called on assassin.  at any time i could be called upon to pull the plug.  this terrorizes yet calms me.

i am not the kind of person who watched the george clooney haiti special.  i think it was last night. i’m not sure why i had no desire to watch it. i hope it raised a lot of money. i may have been busy watching the taped reunion show of  “Jersey Shore”.

this is one of my favorite paintings of all time … Andrew Wyeth “Master Bedroom”.

andrew wyeth master bedroom

peace is a sleeping dog

I can understand and feel that bedroom. My parents have the same feeling in their bedroom. It’s 50 years of marriage. a calm and peaceful feeling. light comes through the windows and illuminates different parts of the room like thinking about different time of life – the shadows and illuminations remind us of time, that why stonehenge that’s why watches, the keepers of time are always important. but are the ones who tell us how to live within that time the most important.

Unfortunately information about the positive effects of marijuana is behind paid firewalls.  Not that I have anything against firewalls but why does all the positive information stay buried.  It’s almost like money from the government is spent to test marijuana the results of these experiments are behind paid firewalls.

I feel like the answer to successful cooperatives is to have a certified expert on location.  I feel the certification sets an industry standard as to the dispensing and dosing of the herb.  i think there should be schools for cannibiology.  Each location should have an herbal expert that can recommend cannabis as well as other herbs.  they can be more open to foot traffic and herbal elixirs for many ailments. why haven’t more ayurvedic centers helped propel the legality of an an herb that heals.  Real doctors need to bring back the days of the general practioner and rather than have chemicals displayed proudly upfront with ads flaunting 15 year old skin, the doctor would tout a lifestyle.  Harmony with nature and aging naturally.  enjoying and feeling your surroundings. doctors could be selling marijuana right at their location and encouraging people to come to them. the doctor actually becomes a valued dispenser of biological enhancements.

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Cannabis Tinctures

I really prefer ingesting marijuana and was looking for some tinctures. The collective I get deliveries from brought some tinctures by Chef Mike over. Two of them were made with corn syrup and two of them with agave nectar. I was disappointed that they weren’t made with alcohol because I was thinking they would be stronger. I tried the first one and had about a teaspoon. I felt absolutely nothing a half hour later and tried some more.

When all was said and done I consumed the entire bottle, maybe 3 ounces or so and nothing happened. At $20 a bottle I was very disappointed. Here is a link to how to make tinctures. I think the next time I have the cash I’ll buy weed for the purpose of making my own tinctures. I’d like to perfect it to the point where I can really know what dosage to take. Here is a link to a decent site that talks about making Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis Tincture

Eli Lilly Cannabis Tincture

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10 Native American Indian Commandments

indian headdress
1. Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect
2. Remain close to the Great Spirit
3. Show great respect for your fellow beings
4. Work together for the benefit of all Mankind
5. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed
6. Do what you know to be right
7. Look after the well-being of mind and body
8. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good
9. Be truthful and honest at all times
10. Take full responsibility for your actions

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Relax…And Have a Smoke!

I’m creating this blog because I am recently became Born Again.  Born Again to the fact that nature is the answer.  I’m 49 years old.  A time in my life where my children are out of the house, my body feels and looks older, co-workers are getting younger all the time,  I’m single and don’t have a group of friends, the only ones happy to see my are my dogs and I daily wonder what am I here for.  Self medication with alcohol was not the answer and only made me feel more depressed and anxious.  I wasn’t about to go to a doctor and take  feel good medications that would leave me addicted and cause more damage than good.

Having moved to California 1 1/2 years ago I never really paid much attention to the fact that medical marijuana had been legal since 1996.  I thought of people using marijuana as bald chemo therapy patients.  I had smoked a lot of cannabis back in high school and college.  Lots of kids did back then.  This was the70’s

The 1970's

and early 80’s.  As the 80’s came around cocaine became big and marijuana was mostly used to bring you down from the wired state cocaine

Many were overtaken by the power of cocaine.

put you in.

Also as I got older obtaining weed was very difficult.  At 30 and 40 you didn’t want to be dealing with a drug dealer and getting caught would mean loss of your job and potentially jail time.

So the benefits of weed were long forgone.  The other stigma weed had was of being used to get “high” so naturally you felt that this was something good that was bad.  It’s only been recently through educating myself that I’ve come to realize that marijuana has far reaching medicinal benefits.  Everything from creating equilibrium in your spine, body and mind and creating within you, to easing pain and anxiety.  The big drug companies have pushed us  far away from natural remedies and have gouged us to get us to pay for these chemicals.  Look how many drugs are found in our drinking water causing harm to us and animals.  If we relied on natural remedies we would have cleaner, healthier drinking water.

Look how many people die of drug overdoses from prescribed medications.  No one has ever died from marijuana.

So in November after being diagnosed with a goiter and it being painful because it was inflamed I decided to schedule a visit to a marijuana clinic to get approved for a medical marijuana license.  I didn’t want to be taking advil for the next 2 weeks while the swelling would go down and the pain would subside.  I called an 800# and the gentleman who answered the phone scheduled a time for a Friday appointment.  When I arrived at the clinic they asked for my Driver’s License and any documentation from a doctor.  I gave them a copy of my doctors visit showing I had a goiter.  I’m not sure what would happen if you have nothing but I’m pretty sure that even if you had nothing you could talk to the doctor about headaches, pms, depression, anxiety, etc. and the doctor would give you a prescription for marijuana.  These clinics are there to facilitate people having access to marijuana and of course they make money doing this.  You will usually pay $100 – $150 for the visit and you pay nothing if you don’t get your Marijuana License.  There were quite a few forms to fill out.  The doctor looked at my application, asked me some questions about my experience with marijuana, went over the differences in the two major types of marijuana sativa (daytime, mind expanding) and indica (nighttime, pain reducing) and the healthiest way to take the medication (vaporize, consume).

My license came in a folder with additional information about marijuana.  I also received a card in the mail a week or so later.  It was now time to find a dispensary and make my first visit.  I bought a copy of The Reader.  In the back of the magazine are medical marijuana dispensary locations.  There was also some mention of  I checked which also has reviews and menus of what you’ll find at each location.  I chose to go to San Diego Holistic Healing Center.

My heart was pounding with excitement.  I felt like a legal criminal.  It was a bit difficult to find.  It was dark out and there was no sign.  When I finally found it I went in a basically plain door.  It felt shady yet legal.  There was a lobby area where I had to fill out an application and show my license.  The receptionist was behind a bulletproof glass with a slide thru slot at the bottom.  That tinged me a bit.  I still felt exhilirated as I waited to go in the back room.  The smell of weed was really strong.  I could even smell it as I walked into the dispensary.  When they processed the application I then went into a back room that had a glass l-shaped counter with the products on shelves below.  There was a whiteboard behind the pot attendant and the specials and menu were listed.  I saw edibles as well as glorious buds .  The main feeling I had was that the weed was not displayed in a nice setting.  Compared to the value and beauty of the weed it should be in  naturally beautiful settings with proper lighting.  I would say dark with spotlights on the buds like a museum or piece of jewelry.

Looks good and makes you feel good.

So I bought an assortment of many things, sativa, indica and brownies.  I can’t remember all of their names now, I’ll go back and edit later.

I drove home and when I got home I ate a brownie.  Waited a little bit and ate the other brownie.  an hour later I was very buzzed.  I got the shakes and got uncontrollably cold.  I was really up there.  Eventually I came down and did feel very much more relaxed overall.  I really prefer consuming weed to smoking weed.  It’s smoother and longer.  Definitely a sexier high.

By the way one of my very favorite websites is They have awesome videos on their YouTube channel.  I really enjoy watching Tang and Chubbs


I went to another dispensary on El Cajon in San Diego.  I bought Auntie Dolores Brownies. You can get them at Cannabis Creations Wellness Cooperative in San Diego.

Auntie Dolores Cannabis Brownies

The most potent brownie I've found so far.

I now jump way ahead and sideways (like a chess move through life)to now. I”m much more into the 420 movement, herbal practitioner, herbal educator and herbal advocator.  Right now after having taken an Auntie Dolores brownie and a couple of glasses of wine.  My brain and world feel like Salvador Dali in 3-D.  Dreamy and slippery.  Not much tension and no worries.  Here and there a tinge but nothing that doesn’t get swept over by another wave.  Your mind flowing like an ocean and therefore any hanger on thoughts get swept over and diminished by the next flow of thoughts.  The brains atoms in harmony and working together instead of against each other.  Sometimes on this herb you feel like thoughts are so free and exploding out of your brain cells you can’t control it.  Energy is firing through your neuron synapses.  The impulse nerve firings are felt your internal sensory awareness increases.  That’s why if you have a pain you don’t feel it as much on medical marijuana.  On marijuana your body is more aware down to the sub cellular level.  Because the cells feel more they can act together more.  If bad cells, aged cells, viral cells are present they can be sensed by the healthier cells who can secrete defense mechanisms to fight that damaged enemy cell.  If you block out these cellular sensory perceptions with the modern drug chemicals we subscribe to today we don’t allow our bodies to heal ourselves.

We’ve become a nation of people who get sold every kind of product you can imagine to enhance ourselves and when it comes down to our inner self speaking and telling us what we need we’ve destroyed it down to the point where we’ve probably altered our dna to become dependent on these artificial substitutions for natural remedies from the earth.  Mostly we’ve anihalated all races that used the earth’s natural remedies.  Here in America we practically wiped out a race of people that had been here for 30,000 years – the Native American Indians.

native american sweat lodge

Native American Sweat Lodge

Not even the Egyptians and Romans were around for 30,000 years.  Why have we not studied a culture who lived for 30,000 years and had amazing healing powers they got from the earth.  Why do we here in America not study and uncover the most amazing culture that ever existed on the planet.  It makes Africa seem insignificant.  Have we not wanted to ever point the finger at ourselves for wiping out the most advanced culture ever in the history of the world .  We wiped out 30,000 years of man taming yet coinciding and subservient to nature.  Hollywood destroyed the few Indians we left unbutchered by showing them in demeaning advertising schlock. I say we uncover what was here before us and we shall find the answer to our future.  Learn and worship nature as the Indians did. Sweat Lodge Indians.

Oh my oh my oh my Rolling Stone magazine has John Mayer

he says he's ready for a man

on the cover.  I’m a lesbian and even when I see the cover I feel like I’m looking at a hot dyke.  He’s got those indica heavy  bedroom eyes, young bald boy bi-sexual appeal.  I’m sure we’ll soon see John pairing up with venues like the Lilith Fair and the comedy tour of Rosie O’Donnell,

Kathy Griffin, Joan Rivers and reigning Queen Chelsea Handler.  Everyone has ignored the fact that the Chelsea Lately ratings have been significantly increasing.  Why is it women get no attention in the evening space.  Can Americans only think of women at night for sex.  There’s a time when women can be taken seriously and a time when the can not.  Generally it’s okay for women to falsely be taken seriously during the day and outside of working hours the gloves are off.
They screwed over Joan Rivers first and now they’re screwing over Chelsea Handler by not promoting her show that is growing organically by leaps and bounds and now promotion at all from the network. She had has the snarkiest, tanger, slice ’em up humor out there. Her round table banter with

Chuy - the debonair sex god

sitting off to the side sitting on an old a 1930’s night club dance side table complete with center piece featuring the special of the night “Chelsea Lately”. His special costumes are classics. I could design an entire sight around Chuy’s costumes.  A new “Chuy 2010 Calendar with Pics & Quips.

I say to the people of my age.  The ones who invented computers and cell phones and did so while smoking lost of weed – that was the age of enlightenment.  Smoking weed expanded our brains, shed our inhibitions and allowed us to dream and believe in a better world.  We need marijuana back in our lives.

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Let’s Get “Healthy”

In order to propel the acceptance of Marijuana as a safe alternative to alcohol, pain relievers and anti-depressants we have to reframe the term “high” to “healthy”.  Make it okay to have a slightly altered state that makes you feel happy.  Why is it socially acceptable to be on prozac, zoloft and many other drugs prescribed by doctor’s but you can’t be on marijuana prescribed by doctors.  Employers would rather have people on prozac and zoloft than marijuana.  They would rather have employees that are taking poisonous substances with serious side effects as opposed to something that is actually healthy for them.  Could potentially cut down on the health care costs of that employee.  Instead they screen out marijuana users by drug testing for THC.  Excluding some of the most talented, free, forward thinking group that is going to get us out of this economic mess.  This is the group like the pot smoking group of the 70’s, the Bill Gates & Steve Jobs era that will completely transform the United States if given the chance.

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Cannabis Chronicles

Marijuana is the new religion.

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